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USA Can Save 622 Billion Based on 2016 Stats

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 21-05-2018


The Center for Immigration Studies said, based on the 2016 figures of 11.3 million illegals in this country,  that the lifetime cost for keeping these illegals in the USA is over 746 billion dollars. The cost to deport these illegals is roughly 124 billion. So, over a lifetime, we could save 124 billion. Even building Mr. Trumps wall, at 25 billion, America could pocket over 90 billion. Now the wall is creating a stir among the liberals, who I suppose have tons of money and support a vastly indebted America. They do not want the wall and want to keep all 11 million illegals and apparently they are also ok with a open border entry. And within a few years there are another 8 to 11 million wanting amnesty .Will we do it all over again?… Someday, when America is completely broke, our welfare system completely busted, and this great  country has printed it’s last good dollar, I reckon they will go home…. I suppose the world  will then be happy. Sad ending….If you can write or even envision another ending to this story, I would love to hear it….

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Who says they will ever go home? Once our welfare system is busted and we have printed our last good dollar, and the best military in the world has to scrounge in the fields for sustenance like the Army of North Korea, then the billions of illegals will have their own country remade in their own image, and Americans will be their slaves compelled to worship the strange god Allah or enslaved to the godless state government of communism and socialism. the freedom of man will be no more: a failed experiment in the history of mankind, which came t nothing.

I don’t suppose anyone said anything about them going home the folks said, “if they were deported” the cost would be 124 billion. I’m not sure of the future of the United States of America, if it will survive or not. It will probably survive but probably will be like some of our present third world countries of today. Very sad indeed. I don’t know if people cannot see that or if they refuse to look in that direction. The drug culture is much more focused on “the now” than “the future”.

A lady asked Ben Franklin, as he left the Constitutional Convention in 1791, “Do we now have a democracy, Mr. Franklin?” Franklin replied, “We have a republic, but can we keep it?” Franklin answered the lady with another question. That same question has faced every generation since that time and will face every generation as long as the USA exist. Any democracy is only one generation away from extinction. I have only one question for the NFL protestors, “If the USA is so bad, then why does just about everyone in the world want so badly to come here and to reap its benefits?”

Yes….the politicians are asked, “what can you do for me?”. They promise everyone they will get what they want
knowing full well there is no way they can deliver to everyone, but that does not slow down the promises.

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