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Jack Minzey Wrote This…”Civil War”….E-Mail from a friend in Texas

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 24-05-2018


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Mr. Minzey has written a great article, but a few of his assumptions are quite wrong. There is not a Civil War in America in the 21st century between a conservative volunteer government and a leftist Democrat professional government, at least not yet. The conservative volunteers, namely the Republicans, are not in a battle to the death with the leftist Democrats, at least not yet. The Republicans are volunteers in no sense of the word, at least not yet. The last I heard they are as highly paid as any Federal employee in any other administration in the country’s history. As our Founding Fathers conceived a long time ago, it is the PEOPLE who have the authority to rule, and it is the PEOPLE who want to rule. The PEOPLE are sloppy in carrying out their rule, and they are sloppy, even ineffective in many ways, but it is the PEOPLE who are trying to rule through their Constitution and their Vote. The rule of the PEOPLE jerks back and forth between the liberal Democrats and the Conservative Republicans, not Volunteer Republicans, only because the country is, at the present time in the 21st century, so equally divided. No Congress can rule effectively with a ONE VOTE plurality, neither can any President rule effectively with a Congress controlled by a large majority of the opposition. With all due respect to Mr. Minzey, the country is far from a Civil War. The conditions that cause separation and civil war is not nearly what they were immediately prior to the outbreak of the American Civil War in 1865; however, those conditions that might lead to the destruction of our democracy and the banning of the Constitution as well as the failure of Constitutional Government are not so far away. The danger of that happening is very real. It can be avoided only if the naysayers are wrong. It can be avoided only if a free people really can rule themselves in peace, if they really can resurrect the kind of great leadership in times of crisis to bring the nation together for the Common Good. It can be avoided only if those liberal Democrats and those Conservative Republicans out their among the People can elect the kind of leaders to see the country through any crisis. I think they can, and I think they will, all for the Common Good. The Liberal Democrats are leftward, and the Conservative Republicans are Rightward; but, in the end, a way will be found to bring them together to save the nation, the Constitution, and the Common Good.

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