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Welfare Money…How Long Will It Last?

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 21-06-2018


According to some of the figures I picked up on the internet today, in 2012 there were 109.6 million people drawing welfare in these United States of America. According to another number I saw a few days ago, total benefits being paid to these Americans today is about 168.00 dollars US per day. Now, I’m no  math major, but even I can tell you that a number like that is higher than I can count. I am estimating conservatively of over 600 billion per year in welfare cost. I would like for one of our democrats to tell me where the money is going to come from to continue. Plus the government employees pay and benefits. Plus our military upkeep and improvements. Plus our infrastructure cost. Plus supporting those other countries that think we have some money and expect us to share…… A government backed by paper cannot exist very long and how we have continue this long is beyond me. I’m pretty sure the gold in Fort Knox would cover a few million dollars, but Ft. Knox would probably have to be several hundred feet deep to contain enough gold to cover our trillions (I don’t know what you call a number that would cover all of our debt, do you?) of dollars debt. We are never going to get out of debt, so everyone seems to take the stance of “what, me worry”…..I suppose that is the best way to handle it as there appears to be no way out. No, that’s not true as the way out is Jesus Christ and His kingdom and I think we are probably pretty close to “end times”. Seems like to me recovery without Christ is impossible.

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The webmaster obviously has researched the facts and the figures. It will last only so long as the printing presses keep churning out paper script, and the world has any faith at all in the faith and credit of the United States of America. We don’t know how long it will last because the country is plowing new ground here. There has never been another incidence in the history of the world where the world economy on this scale has depended so much on credit. It must continue because there is no turning back now. It will either lead to economic and financial disaster where the currencies of the world crashes with the world returning to a strict barter economy, or it will lead to a cashless society where all transactions are conducted in credited script where the only basis is not real money, as in gold, but in the faith and credit to pay in full. I don’t know if there is really and alternative with the population of the world approaching the saturation limits in terms of natural resources and the world’s ability to grow sufficient food for a population on the verge of saturation. In fact, the coming experiment with the cashless economy just may be an experiment to determine the workability of the Heavenly economy where there are more people than resources and more people than the Heavenly economies ability to sustain without special and Godly requirements, which is what Heaven is. Man always comes up against the “no way out” argument . God started the universe to expanding way back when in the beginning of time. Time is linear, and it progresses through the centuries towards the consummation. Man must have faith in the ability of God to know what He is doing, that it will all lead to an End Time where everything is worked out, including salvation to all who deserve it, the Heavenly economy, that is, the Heavenly balance sheet, where there is enough for all without shortages anywhere. Faith, as the substance of things hoped for in the face of unseen evidence, is always necessary, and it always will be necessary. It is a mistake to beat one’s breast in seeming hopelessness because men have been doing that since the beginning of time every time that things did not go in accordance with his understanding that it should go. Who knows? Only God knows! We are no closer in terms of the time scale that we know to the End Times than the people who lived in the beginning of recorded history ((4000 to 6000 years ago). Only God knows the real timescale, but there will be many changes experienced as the population growth and material resources clash. There may be natural resources out there that we do not know about in the 21st century: other worlds to conquer and other resources, particularly in space, and other galaxies. In man’s terms, we just might be at the beginning of this linear trek through the course of God’s original experiment towards the End Time with the last 4000 years being only a blink of the eye in terms of the total scale of God’s magnificent experiment. The ability to create food and sustenance, and the ability to create people is only a problem of harnessing energy to cause the atoms and the molecules to come together in particular ways. With man, learning that is a lifetime career, and then he barely scratches the service. With God, it is already common knowledge because He is the Prime Originator and Creator of the World and the larger Cosmos.

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