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Open Border

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 03-07-2018


With all the action over illegal immigration, separated parents and children, illegals taking American jobs and the ICE and Border Patrol coming under fire from American citizens because they enforce the law, makes one wonder if our own citizens want an open border. Well, at least some of them. I suppose our  homeless has their own thoughts about that. And I wonder if our veterans have some negative thoughts about that. And our welfare recipients might weigh in on this subject as well.  And those of us that are retired and depending on social security each month probably have reason for concern. Those that are going to be retiring soon should also have some worries about where their money for retirement is coming from. The spend, spend, spend attitude of some people has a stopping point. I think you best make up your mind what you want for your future if you are depending at all on any federal or state dollars.

Maybe the new President of Mexico can come up with some help for his citizens, promoting their welfare benefits in their home country. Reckon? Probably not enough to help much. But something has to give…And soon….

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The newly elected President of Mexico has only the interest in mind of the upper, wealthy class that elected him. He cares little about the interest of the poor Mexicans who have an interest of crashing the southern border (Mexico’s northern border). Nothing changes in Mexico after a presidential election, even with a radical change of parties. It is just that another wealthy group is running the show in Mexico City, none of which have the interest of the United States in mind nor the interest of the poor Mexican and native American citizens who wishes to escape it all and go north in any way possible with the hope of a better life.

I doubt if the majority of American citizens want an open border, and the vocal minority who do either are very ignorant of the law and of reality or they are merely using it as a political issue against the Trump Administration. It is probably the latter. Although the teaching of history and current events in our modern schools leave much to be desired, I can’t believe the people who have expressed a desire for open borders are really that ignorant of the law and of reality. In a perfect world, everyone believes in open borders with no ICE and no need for passports and visas or, even citizenship papers of any kind; but we all know that this is far from a perfect world. It is a world that is very unsafe where danger lurks behind every bush. It is best to just brush Maxine Waters and certain very liberal, stupid democrats in Congress aside and write and enforce the laws that will have the best chance of defending our country and protecting our freedoms. Enforce the border; enforce immigration law; and build that wall in whatever way that will work.

The only “perfect” world where borders and immigration law as well as enforcement mechanisms will not be necessary is the perfect world which the Second Coming of Jesus Christ will begin at the End Time, and this perfect world will apply only to the Elite and the Saved who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. The small minority of American citizens who are advocating the abolishment of ICE and the institution of open borders will not be welcome in this “perfect” world because they are unbelievers and have not accepted Christ as their personal Saviour. They are the victim of the one Sin that is unpardonable, that is, the total rejection of Jesus Christ. Everyone can be saved, but it depends on the willingness of each individual to reject the world of sin and remake his or her life in the image of Jesus Christ.

The new president has promised more benefits for the poor and elderly citizens of Mexico. If he follows through or not will be up to him and the Mexican government. I can only hope that he will heed their cry and support them. He has to be careful to not upset the drug cartel too much to keep from getting shot.
There are many advocates for an open border writing to our newspaper daily and that is one of the reasons I brought this up. I suppose you know better than me, but our state
is made up with over a 50 percent Hispanic base of folks, many with kin still in Mexico. New Mexico, Texas, Arizona and California has a different base of voters than many states. But the Hispanic population is growing in every state, including yours.
Many of those pushing for the open border is from the Catholic faith and have the backing of the church fathers. So, I’m not so sure your total argument will hold water on the faith issue. However, you point on the wall or better security at the border is certainly a valid point.

Come now! Just because the Catholic faith, meaning the Roman Catholic Church, is pushing for open borders and its church fathers is backing it doesn’t mean it is right or that it will prevail. I joined that church because Marina and her entire family are loyal and diligent members of it; but, as I told my mother long ago, I am just as Southern Baptist as I always was, and will remain so, particularly in the matter of the Separation of Church and State. I attend mass several times a week with my wife, but the Church is in error here. The church has no business in meddling in the affairs of state, and border control and immigration is an affair of the civil government. My priest can like it or not and dutifully obey the Roman Pope as much as he likes, but the Lord Jesus Christ is not with them here and does not back the church in matters which pertain to the government. After all, Christ said to “render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s” and give to the Lord His do, meaning His Tithe. It is always best to remember that the Church is a Hospital for Sinners, and this includes the Roman Catholic Church and all its Priests, Bishops, Cardinals, and, yes, even the Pope. I love Pope Francis, as he is the first American Pope, but he has committed grave errors, but none that are unforgiveable, at least as far as I can tell.

Your citation of the large Hispanic population in New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, and California is exactly the reason that our borders must be controlled; else the country will be over run quickly with non-Original-American people before they can be absorbed into our institutions, and the USA will become quickly just another state of the nation of Mexico. All of this will eventually happen anyway because the birth rate of traditional Americans, even black Americans, is rapidly descending into the negative. In other words, we are not replacing our death rate. We must control the border in order for the take over to occur in a controlled manner over time, else we will just have to surrender to Mexico and invite them in for a takeover. The Mexican War will then be won by Mexico in delayed fashion. General Santa Anna will be sitting on top of General Andrew Jackson with a sword plunged through his belly and grinning from ear to ear.

I am well aware of the advocates for an open border who are writing in the Albuquerque Journal because I answer most of them that allow feedback. Most Hispanics that I knew and worked with during my time in Albuquerque made it clear to everyone they met that they were HISPANIC and not Mexican. They were quick to make it clear that there was a difference, just as my wife makes it clear to me that she is Fillipino, not Hispanic, although she definitely is strictly by blood descent. Her ancestors just settled in a far off land across a very big pond, not just across the muddy, mostly dried up Rio Grande River. If we are going to continue to use all the water from the Rio Grande, let’s at least replace it with Trump’s Wall, so we will have some control over the people who take over our nation, and they will if simply by population growth.

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