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Grandparents Again…..

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 21-08-2018


Well, we are grandparents again….We have had this dang squirrel running around in our yard for weeks. I have tried everything to get rid of him….Well, come to find out, it’s a her…This morning five or six little squirrels were running all around our yard…and yes, they were cute…but I went to Home Depot and bought a trap anyway. Now, if I can catch them, I need to figure out where to dump them. I wonder if the zoo area would be ok? We have a park down the street, but that’s too close. I don’t know, maybe down along the river. But there, they would probably die of thirst…..I don’t know yet, first I have to trap the little suckers……

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Why not just let the “little suckers” live and have a life of their own? They are nothing but little rats anyway. At least, squirrels are known to inhabit the wild woods and not people’s homes. New Mexico doesn’t have much wildlife, but every little bit helps. That’s way we do with our little backyard monsters. We just build a fence around the roses to protect them. The “little suckers” are fun to watch, especially by old people with dreams of a wild hunting time in Coal Fire swamp.

To live in my backyard is in the buffet zone of my friendly hawk who I’m
sure would love to have squirrels in his diet. Beyond that, they are stealing my
tomatoes and squash. I get along much better with the little rabbits who come
and go at will and do not bother my plants. But who knows, they may win out yet
and become permanent residents…I’ll trap the little suckers if possible…..

How do you train rabbits to leave the veggies alone in a vegetable garden? The main purpose of our fence is to keep out the rabbits as well as the deer. Marina found quickly that this commercial deer repellent just did not work. The deer would eat all around the repellent and leave the repellent alone. Good luck in trapping your squirrels. At the very least, it will be good training and give you a sense of accomplishment.

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