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UFO’S….Do They Exist?….Other Worldly?…Imagined?…

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 12-12-2018


The topic of UFO’s have created many movies, books, TV series, etc. and most people have their own ideas about them. I’m thinking they are real although I have never seen one or even something that I wondered about. It just seems to me that with all of the planets, stars and heavenly bodies out there, surely there is another place that can be inhabited by some type life. I would also think they  are ruled by the same God that we are, with the same rules. The other thing that comes to mind is, where is Satan? Is he out there with his angels? Or creatures? I wonder about those creatures talked about in Revelations and wonder if they are real and working for Satan. Well, I don’t know the answer to those questions and I don’t think that you do either. But this is a good time to express yourself for others to contemplate your ideas on the subject…..Let me hear from you.

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Sure, UFO’s exist. If UFO refers to “Unidentified Flying Object”, they most certainly do exist. It stands to reason that all flying objects are precisely identified all the time with a precise flight plan filed with the FAA. If there were no unidentified flying objects anywhere in space and if everything out there has a precise flight plan with precise and know places to go, this would be a very dull world. It stands to reason that there are many unknowns out there, perhaps not depicted by the many Ufologists ad perhaps not even fitting our “understanding” of the world, of Ufology, and of God; but I bet that there are many unknowns out there, for that matter even on earth even at this late date in historical time.

Have you seen anything in the heavens that you determined to be a UFO, at least not identified by you? While at Tucson a few years ago, lying out by the pool at my daughter’s house we watched what we considered to be satellites flying overhead, but it was such a straight steady line it led us to believe they were satellites. That’s as close as I have come to anything being unidentified.

No, I have never observed any phenomena in the heavens that I couldn’t explain; but, then again, there should be nothing about UFO’s that can’t be explained, as they are physical phenomena, if they exists at all. Most reported observances of UFO’s are only observances of physical phenomena by stray and reflected light in an area where little light is seen causing the observer to confuse what is being seen because there is insufficient light to adequately eliminate whatever is being seen, causing even more confusion. All the stray and reflected light emanating from the many Albuquerque city lights at nighttime on the surrounding mountains and desert landscapes confounds the observer and causes mistaken identities. This is not meant to be critical of the many observers of UFO’s out there because, as with everyone, they are only struggling to do the best they can to identify the phenomena around them with the visual capability that they have. Neither that capability is perfect nor the observing conditions. Much room is left open for doubt and for wild claims by people prone to “jump to conclusions”. Personally, I am happy that I never ran upon spaceship phenomena inhabited by strange people from other worlds with strange, powerful weapons, as my imagination was enough. My imagination was enough to make it almost impossible to continue pedaling for the shaking in my GI boots. The greatest threat that I ever experienced on the high desert around Albuquerque from UFO’s was the perceived threat that existed within my own mind as I perceived phenomena which I couldn’t explain on the spur of the moment but which appeared as a threat to me. My experience with UFO’s amounted to only perceived threats from phenomena around me that came down on me in ways that I did not understand until later in more rational times. I am convinced that the phenomena were simply in my own mind which later became explained away when I was able to direct my rational scientific reason onto their resolution in the safety of my more rational moments in my barracks or workplace. So, now you have my personal experience with UFO’s. As for anything more concrete, I can only say the my personal experience with UFO’s consisted with my own battle within my own mind to understand the physical elements around me, particularly on the dark and cold high desert when danger appeared all around, mostly in the from of darkness, reflected and refracted light phenomena, and darting roadrunners that scared the living fool out of me. It was always very comforting to finally get back to Kirtland AFB, my barracks, and a nice warm bed when all of the “UFOJUNK” could be finally forgotten once and far all time.

Many, many things are the contents of our own mind in all walks of our life. Even some things that are real we try to make our imagination as a way of having an easier explanation. That is especially true on a dark, lonely night with no one around to discuss the subject matter with. “Imagination” becomes easier to deal with than reality at times…..

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