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Pelosi…..Do You Read The Newspaper?

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 15-03-2019


I read an article in the Albuquerque Journal Newspaper this morning, March 15, 2019, about human and drug smugglers comings through New Mexico’s southern border’s boot heel, taking back roads to bypass the Border Patrol check points and taking their paid clients on to Albuquerque  for 1500.oo US and then on to Birmingham, Al for another 1500.00. One of the cartels are handling all of this and it is a pretty elaborate scheme. These people come into our country along with those seeking asylum. They have to have a sponsor and at least one of the sponsors called was reportedly  a billiard parlor in Nashville, Tn.

Nancy, maybe you should listen to your President. He is getting information you are not. Does the information collected by the Homeland Security folks and ICE ever reach your desk? If so, do you simply think that it is more propaganda spread by the GOP? If you don’t to believe them, well,  you might try reading the paper.

The American people are getting fed up with you people not listening to “We the People”. I think that soon, even the American people of California will go to listening to Trump, especially those without ties to the cartel or with kinfolks south of the border. You see them at all the rallies, don’t you? They are the one waving the Mexican flag and burning and stomping on the American Flag. Lately, these folks have been coming on up with those from Central America. It does not matter which of the countries beyond our southern border, it just needs to be closed. Wise up, Mrs. Pelosi, and help our president right some wrongs and close the southern border to all illegals.

Legal entry is ok.

Update: Ok, I’ll admit, I’m dreaming to think that  Nancy Pelosi would ever read this site with her “pass it, then read it” attitude. But would some of you guys tell her to read a newspaper ever once in a while. Or maybe, listen to her duly elected President for a change.

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Neither Nancy Pelozi nor any Californian reads anything from ICE. Their former Governor, Jerry Brown, only considered ICE as something cold and wet that went into the enablement to see all the cold and wet ice bearers swimming across the muddy Rio Grande. Neither Nancy Pelozi, the current governor of California, nor its former governor is interested in any of these ICE bearers nor the consternation which they cause. It is only when they become registered to vote that Nancy Pelozi, Jerry Brown, and all the little political stoneheads in California perk up their ugly heads and fire up their ears to gathers more little ICE bearers around them to swim north across the Rio Grande. One always wonders why they never think of swimming south like all the rest of Americans who head for Florida every winter; but, then, they just might meet a Donald Trump down there. They wouldn’t want that. They had rather cuss our President from afar than to reason in his presence. It may be best to just ignore Nancy Pelozi and all her little ICE BEARERS, BUILD THAT WALL on the tops of their backs, and then name the wall the moving WETBACK wall from Mexico that will rival the GREAT WALL OF CHINA. This WALL WILL BE CALL TRUMP’S WALL THAT WILL RIVAL THE GREAT WALL OF CHINA. As the China Wall kept from China the riff raff from the north and allowed Chinese society to become great, Trump’s Wall will keep out the riff raff from the south that has absolutely no interest in building a nation or of making anything GREAT. Okay, Mr. Webmaster, if you don’t like this reply to Mrs. Pelozi’s nonsense, then most Americans don’t like her nonsense either and are becoming very tired of the whole mess. I like Mexicans. I’m sure that President Trump likes them too, even as much as Nancy Pelozi seems to like them, but it is time to get busy with WALL construction, set the foot down, lay down the law, and get about the business of making America Great Again. Let Nancy Pelozi, her ICE Bearers, and all their little wetbacks either participate the legal way in helping America become great again or kick them out for good. This is my solution to the Crisis on the Border as it is also Trump”s solution. If it was put to an honest vote, I think a vast majority of Americans would concur (probably Mexicans too)>

The webmaster does not have a problem with the wall or wall and heavier security…Anything to stop the influx of illegals. I don’t think you know the feelings, opinions, or wants of the webmaster at all.

I don’t believe I ever said I did know the feelings and wants of the Webmaster of this site or of any other site. In the absence of the news hucksters of my youth (Walter Cronkite, Howard K. Smith, David Brinkley, Chet Huntley, and others), I only take the sites that are still out there and try my best to decipher the true and honest news media from all the fake news that is out there. I don’t pretend to enter into the mind of any Webmaster or news pundit to determine whether or not he is presenting true and accurate news because, if I knew enough to know what is true and accurate news, I would not need news in the first place. I do feel that many of the news pundits out there are seriously violating the first rule of correct news presentation and that is to report only the WHO?, WHAT? WHEN, WHERE OF THE STORY while minimizing the HOW? it all applies, controls, and affects our lives, which is really none of their business. Cronkite, Smith. Huntley, and Brinkley did not always do that and sometimes did it very badly, but at least, they made an effort to try without obviously presenting their own agenda. These gentlemen had their faults; but, quite honestly, I miss them; and I think the entire country misses them and is poorer without them. Perhaps our democracy is in danger without them and very well may not survive without them. It is a fact that our democracy will not survive without a true, honest presenter of unbiased news. There is a rocky road ahead if these gentlemen are not replaced by a true presenter of accurate, unbiased news just so ordinary people out here in the everyday working world can properly understand the inner workings of government and to keep that government functioning in spite of those charlatans who wish only to have it function for themselves. These charlatans will always be present in any government. Without a true, honest, diligent news media, there is no way that the people can keep them under control and run a truly functioning government. An honest, hard working PRESS is truly a fourth essential department of government because it is an honest PRESS that keeps all the rest of government honest. The latter we simply do not have and have not had since the passing of Cronkite, Huntley, Brinkley, Smith, and, yes, even old Dan Rather, as much as the latter might be hated by some of the Greatest Generation.

Reporting news has never been the efforts of this web site. Reporting on my own personal feeling has
been what I have done. Therefore, it has never been about right and wrong, but about how I feel about it all, hoping that it is more right than wrong. And that varies from day to day, I’ll have to admit. A high IQ has never been my strong suit, a big heart usually is. I appreciate you sharing your views with this site and hope you will continue.
And I will continue to share mine and remember, that’s all this web site reports….my opinions and sometimes the opinion of others.

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