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Mueller Reports…..Trump, No Collusion or Collaboration

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 24-03-2019


Mueller has spoken….. No collusion with the Russians….The democrats and the media goes wild….The media more so than the democrats….Trump and the rest of us already knew there was no collusion.


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And to think that we, the people, could have saved the government millions of our valuable tax money. We could have saved the government millions of our valuable tax money, which President Trump could done much good with; but now we are out millions that Trump could have used to build that wall with a beautiful gate, not only along our southern border with Mexico to keep out the riff raff but also around the entire circumference of the USA where our democracy would be safe forever. Now we only have Mueller’s debacle of an inquiry to present the grand entrance of the fall of the USA, or at least to show us how it can happen–a failed “democratic” inquiry showing us how showing us the way that those who are determined to bring down democratic government everywhere can do it under the resemblance of openness. Now, for the $64 question. who put Mueller up to his grand scheme? Was it merely the democrats, or are the democrats merely a representation of a grand scheme by other hidden powere that be to use to use our two-party system and our elections to get into the essence of America and, in so doing, to begin Americqa’s destruction. Hopefully the American people are smarter than that.

The democrats are still going at it….they just will not give up. Time for Congress to go after Hillary and get the democrats to thinking about her guilt.

Don’t forget ole Bill. He is still behind it too, if not an active schemer, at least an active and avid supporter of Hillary. He may have alzeimers, or Parkinsons, but he is still a force from the darkness to be reckoned with. All of those Macdonald burgers he jogged down Capitol Avenue while he was governor in Little Rock are still a force to be reckoned with. He was Governor quite a long time, only with one short two-year interruption when a republican banker beat him over over automobile license plate taxes. Just think, a lowly and a relatively low automobile registration tax was the beginning of the tax and spend mentaility that the democrats are now using to abolish American democracy and to take over the world. You started something, Bill, but, hopefully you started something bigger than you can finish, even with the help of your Ivy League lawyer friend from the great state of Illinois, who is the real collaborator with the Russians.

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