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Southern Border

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 22-04-2019


Activities around the southern border is getting a little more extensive every day. Illegals are coming through, asylum seekers are demanding more agents help them, legal truck transportation needs agent to get them inspected in a timely fashion so they can get across the border with factory goods, border patrol  check points are having to be shut down due to not enough agents to man them and the democrats don’t think there is a need for more help down there. Somewhere in the accounting system of the United States Government there is a system overload and no one is watching or someone it watching and not reporting,  or someone is watching  and reporting and the reports are not going to higher level supervisors. Anyway, as the Fram Filter guy used to say, “you can pay me now or pay me later” but pay we will. Really this needs to stop. Someone needs to listen to Trump on the southern border issues…..PLEASE


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The democrats aren’t listening because they don’t see a problem on the southern border. The republicans aren’t listening because, when immigration rises to the problem level, it only signals money flying away from their bank account, personal as well as government. President Trump would like to listen, but he is running for re-election, and immigration is way down in importance in most people’s minds. The media simply do not think that there is a problem on our southern border There will have to be some really dramatic happening before they will sit up and take notice, you know, like a resurrected General Santa Anna marching northward with a really big army to make an expanded North American Espanic nation. Sorry! this ain’t going to happen. There are too many patriots with guns in our own nation to allow that to happen. I am afraid that we are simply back to more of the same, even after President Trump’s brave effort to do something about the situation on the southern border: more arrest, more free trips of immigrants back to their homeland, more incarcerations, more murders, and more over-worked law enforcement. Oh well, in general law enforcement needs more to do anyway, there just should be a way to spread the “to do” list more evenly across the country and not let one agency on the border get all the benefit of extra work and over time. If one works for state government, one does not know what that is because state government does not pay over time. State government had rather just hire more people. That lowerw the unemployment rate and perpetuates the politicos in power.

Well, the border is a problem. You and I may be the only two that sees it, but it is there none-the-less.
I don’t think it will explode into violence, but inaction is very inexcusable in my eyes. But, what do I know.

As long as the illegals and the Mexican militia are bottled up at the border, it will not explode into violence; but, as soon as the illegals and foreign militias begin to move northward into the hinterland of America, then the violence will begin as it began when General Santa Anna’s army moved northward to San Antonio and occupied the Alamo. Then, we had brave men, like Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett, to take it back. Now, we only have the sorriest generation who know not one end of a gun from the other. Woe is us when national defense becomes a fancy lottery where the fate of the nation is held at such low esteem.

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