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SNL….It’s Time To Close Up Shop

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 12-05-2019


Who watches Saturday Night Live anymore?  And one other question for the few that do watch is WHY? Insults and poor acting in a lot of peoples opinion. And why do we support the advertisers who support that blarney. I say it’s time for them to close up shop. I certainly don’t waste my time watching….Do you?

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I have never watched Saturday Night Live since it first came on, and I do not feel that I have missed a thing except a lot of blarney. SNL is one of those things that began my disenchantment with American television, especially of the national and world news as it is presented , especially on television and radio. I am not smart enough to know what the solution is, but I am confidant that our democracy is in grave danger without an honest, hard working news gathering establishment that acts as a true Fourth Division of Government. The fourth Division exist to keep the other three divisions of government honest and close to the people governed. Without it, the people’s government quickly becomes a foreign entity and an a danger to the people’s rights. The nation had best find a replacement for CBS’ Walter Cronkite and NBC’s Chet Huntley and David Brinkley in a hurry, or it will not exist as a free nation much longer. I once thought that Fox News might be that replacement, but it has largely become simply “more of the same” blarney. One America News may perhaps be a replacement if it ever becomes well enough known to be watched by a vast population, but it can not if it is not watched by a vast number of people, perhaps even a majority. The Fourth Estate must be private, and it must represent and be a part of free enterprise in order to be able to report the facts concerning government. It must be a part of government, yet be independent of government, both financially and mission wise. America has yet to achieve a free press that that has both of those requirements. But, looking back, our “free press” has had its glorious days and achievements. Our present press is currently at its lowest point. Something must be done, and there is not much time to do it.

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