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Trump….A Political Outsider

Posted by Pete | Posted in Downloads, News | Posted on 18-06-2019


Trump can get no respect from the politicians  in Washington….Nor does he get any respect or good air time from the media. No one wants to go to The White House to be honored or have a meeting with the President of the United States. When Obama was in office people were stumbling all over them selves trying to have a meeting or get to see him, even to the point of crashing parties….Everyone seemed to love Obama, but he did nothing and was pushed around by all the world powers. His motto seemed to be, “let the slick end slide and the rough end drag”. No one ever kicked at him because he was so good at waving, smiling, and greeting that no one wanted to.

Now, President Trump, tough on everything that comes up. NATO, he told them to pay their fair share, something that should have been said and acted on many years ago. Aid to other countries….told them that they did not have to like us, but they had to show us respect to continue getting aid, the way that it should be. Immigration…come through the front door and be welcomed, come through the back door and be sent home. And I think he will get tougher still. Illegal immigrants….lets build a wall and keep them out. Moved the United States Embassy to Jerusalem, Israel as he should do and as Presidents since 1999 should have, only they did not have the guts to move it. Amen?…..He has trouble getting anyone to listen in Washington which tells us even more that he is an outsider. Pushes states to act on federal laws as they should. It is outrageous the way some of our states and citizens of some states treat the Office of the President of the United States. They don’t care….He’s an outsider.

He is an outsider…Ask NBC. Ask CNN. Ask CBS. Ask ABC and even FOX…..He’s an outsider, though they call him many other things but it all comes down to HE IS AN OUTSIDER.  All of them think he does not deserve to be in that office and they make it as difficult as they can for him. Even if he wins 2020 by a landslide, they will figure he cheated….Some how, they don’t know how, but he cheated to win 2020….Believe me, he is an outsider today and tomorrow.

To some of us he is the President of The United States of America. The leader of our great country. Not all of his ideas are the greatest, but most of them are good and have the welfare of the American citizen at heart. I don’t think he hates women nor any minorities and serves us all. He needs a chance to become an insider. Who knows, it could happen, but I don’t think so. He does not think or act like a politician….That’s what most of us like about him. He’s an outsider…


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And Outsider indeed! Trump is very much an Outsider. This is what the country needs. He is more of an Outsider than Bill Clinton because Clinton came up through State Government, which is the root of the Federal Government after receiving a boost from Cambridge, which made him a world figure (He thought.) Instead Donald Trump worked with success in private industry, which is a very unique approach to rule. My Dad always said that private industry was a forge grinding out honesty every day in a very real world. Just the responsibility of making a payroll every week is enough to forge responsible behavior and insure that honesty is the basis of everything that one does. Donald Trump went through all of that very early in life, and his Dad went through it before him. This is why Donald Trump is the Man of the Hour for the 21st century. This is why Donald Trump should be elected for a second term, even a Third Term, if that was possible, but two four-year terms is enough of that job for any mortal man. The American people once murdered a poor cripple guy from New York by electing him to four Four-year terms. That does not need to be repeated. By then, the nation’s problems will have been mostly solved by Trump anyway to an extent beyond which they have ever been since the success of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. After 2024, let’s let Donald Trump go back to Trump Tower, digest his accomplishments, and write them down for the benefit of the next generation of Americans, and give them the guidance they need to continue this great Republic for the remainder of the 21st century. Barack Obama had his Harvard education, and he was well grounded in the law; but Donald Trump was even better prepared in the School of Hard Knocks offered by his real estate education and the daily grind of the business of real estate development.

Well said, Errol…Thanks

I don’t care what the naysayers say, I felt very good about President Trump’s “Feel Good about America” rally. I even felt good over seeing the implements of our military might paraded in the streets of Washington. What’s wrong with it? It is our might. America’s hard working tax payers paid for it. It is good to let them see what they have been paying for. It is also good that it may not ever have to be used again in anger. If that might will prevent such a use, then it is worth every penny that it cost. If it will prevent some future Daddy from leaving home away from his sons to some unknown, dangerous place like wartime Japan, then it is worth every penny it cost. Americans invested a lot during and after WWII. Why not let them feel good about themselves? I say to the dimwitted democrats and the political naysayers, just “shut up” and let our President do his thing and then turn around and vote for him again in 2020, so he will have the opportunity to do it again. America is a much better place for it. As our old Ben Franklin said to the lady after the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention, “We have our constitution, only time will tell if we are able to keep it.” With men like Donald Trump as out President and with men like my father who was willing to leave a very lucrative business in Coal Fire to go to an unknown and dangerous land such as wartime Japan and to leave a wife and two sons, such as my mother, Cecil and myself, we certainly can. I deserve no credit for the outcome of WWII. My father probably deserves very little credit himself since he did nothing other than his willingness to go to an unknown, dangerous, war torn land; but I still feel very proud of my father because he was willing to go. I’d much rather that he had stayed home to give me nickels to take up to Otis Burgess’ store to buy candy, but I’m proud of what he did (by going) and I’m proud that he arrived in the war theater in Japan too late to have participated in the more dangerous war time Action. I am also proud of the Makers of “Little Joe” and “Fat Man”, who saved my father’s life, especially the entire crew of the Enola Gay, who successfully delivered the bomb as well as J. Robert Oppenheimer and the entire population of the secret labs at Las Alamos, Oak Ridge, and Hanford, Washington. I am proud of Dr. Werner von Braun and the organization that he created in Huntsville, Alabama and the success of the Redstone missile, which gave America the opportunity of successful space exploration. I only regret that I did not have the brains or the educational background to follow in his foot steps into space, but I did the next best thing in preparing myself for the space explorers support both at Kirtland and my entire career as a chemist. Dr. von Braun was and is my hero for all time. His German heritage will always occupy a special place in my heart.

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