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Successes vs Failures

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 14-07-2019


On my writings, some of them:







The painting shown  became the cover for my book, “Apaches, Buffalo Soldiers, That Female Reporter and Me”,  my first published book, “Lost in the Black Range” and on the right, The Saga of Zachary Williams, The Sabine Kid”. I enjoyed doing all three books and learned so much about the Apache Indians, about Buffalo Soldiers and their contribution to settling of the western United States, and about the history of our country in getting to where we are today. I came a long way in understanding the Apaches and their way of life and how we made them pay….27 years as prisoners of war in a new environment for them in a different part of America. Learning this and more is my success and the enjoyment of just doing it. Of course, the failure in very  little pay and even less notoriety.

I will settle for the enjoyment of the writings any day and even hope for more words to come to me to write until my fingers and mind cannot operate any longer, that the writing will improve with time and that wisdom in word choices will come.

And lastly, let me just say to the one to whom credit is due: Thank you Lord Jesus….



On my paintings, or at least a few of them:


The painting of some of my rocks….Then a picture from memory of the house my wife was raised in….Then a picture of an abandoned home site near Portales, NM and is now a field of yellow flowers…I was so happy to have done them….

Failure of these paintings….No money, of course, and very few atta boys….But I’m still working on improving and doing more in the future….Who knows…..Thank you Lord Jesus  for letting me believe in myself.








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You have done admirably well, Mr.
webmaster. You have my admiration for your willingness to try and to utilize whatever talent you possess to create everlasting art, whether in print form, canvass, or words in electronic form. You have my emulation and respect. I’d like to remind you that art, unlike words, does not come off the press ready made in a form that is enduring. Art, instead, is a part of life; and only can be verified by life itself, which can only happen in time. I, nor anyone else, can say that your work is either good or bad art, as that can happen only in the process of time. I can say only what I like and what I don’t like and that is definitely not a certifying authority; but it will definitely help your work pass the time test, and this is what counts. My suggestion, if you care for my suggestion, is just continue doing what you have been doing, improving and changing as you go alone, and time will either establish or disestablish your art. Look at old Edgar Allen Poe, who died a little known pauper with an unappreciated art form but who is remembered as a great writer, poet, and artist. By the way, Poe is my favorite American poet and writer.

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