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Pants Hanging Down

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 17-06-2011


Did you hear about the fellow being arrested at the airport in California because he would not pull up his pants. Momma said they arrested him cause he was black and had corn rows  hair or some such thing. Airline said they arrested him because he would not pull up his pants as inappropriate dress was not allowed on the airplane. Momma said they are racist. Police said they are inforcing rules. I say, “How do they keep their pants up?” I saw a white boy here in Albuquerque walking down the street, taking little bitty steps cause his pants were down around his thighs..But the pants stayed up. I saw a Mexican boy with  his pants hanging down and his brightly colored underwesr showing. The same day I saw a black boy showing off his grey underwear with black waistband . It is some kind of fashion statement and I guess they are willing to get arrested to show off their ability to keep their pants up while  dangling down around the thighs. I don’t know how they do it but I ain’t gonna ask. I just pretend everything is hunky dorrey and go on. But back to the Momma saying the airline and police are racist, I say, “Give it a rest.” That’s old stuff. In case you haven’t noticed mam, we have a black President….I say a black President, so come off it….Ok?

Monsoon season

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 17-06-2011


Today I was reading a fellow from Arizona who knows about the monsoon, especially in Arizona. He said officially it starts June 15th this year. I hope he is right, but he has already missed it by two days now. It has to do with dew points being 54 degrees and the air from the Pacific, moving eastbound, meets the moist air from the Gulf of Mexico, moving northwest bound. They do battle and then, about the time the clouds hit the mountains and start rising and cooling, the clouds start crying over who is losing, etc and starts the rainfall….Measuring from 2 to 6 inches every year and providing the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico with most of their annual moisture. I think maybe right now there is no moist air from the Gulf of Mexico. I think that happens when the hurricanes start coming into the Texas gulf coast and blowing on in toward New Mexico. Now the fellow from Arizona did not say that, I said that, but based on the last few years that seemed to me to be when it happens. It is a shame that bad weather one place makes good things  happen in another place. I know the monsoon is more complicated than my little recourse, but it does happen to some extent each year. And us folks here in New Mexico are glad it happens. We need it to happen soon this year. You have read of all the forest fires and grass fires we have been having here in both Arizona and New Mexico. We are tender box dry and we hope the monsoon arrives very soon. Fireworks at the July 4th celebrations are a scary thing for this year. Backyard celebrations need to exercise extreme caution this year.

Brother-in-law Stuff and a Little Bit More Stuff

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 15-06-2011


About a week ago, one of by brother-in-law’s was cleaning up his yard, pine needles, weeds and other trash, etc. Well, he lives up in the mountains with retaining walls all around , some of them on up to about 30 feet or so. He was throwing the stuff down to where his pickup was located in order to haul it off. He was getting ready to wind it down for the day and had a big arm load of this stuff, which he threw over the retaining wall. Only thing, he went with it. Now at this portion of the wall, it was only seven feet or so and luckily, I think his head broke his fall…..Well, that may not be right. But anyway, the boy is in pretty rough shape and I don’t want to make to light of his situation as I have been known to fall from time to time myself….. He busted his sternum, he broke some ribs, he punctured his lungs and it collapsed and I don’t know what all else. That was a week ago. The hospital has put him back together, and he has mended pretty well and he might be getting out in the next week days.. the boy was pretty lucky. It could have been lots worse. I told him today how to keep that from happening again and he is considering my proposal, which is to keep his butt in front of the tv, drinking his, er, tea and stay out of the dad gum yard. Those weeds are only doing what come natural and he can have his sweetie keep the other stuff loose and the next good wind will take care of the yard for him. He said he would give it some thought. All considered, he was in good spirits and before I left the hospital, he had me feeling better….So he is gonna be ok..

A little bit more stuff, like finding someone at the University Hospital…They have about three ICU’s. I mean you gotta be a cotton picking “perfessional” and know what the nature of the injuries are before the folks at the hospital can tell you where the party you are visiting is parked. They got tramua ICU’s, burn ICU’s, heart trouble ICU”s, and a bunch of other ICU’s that I don’t know about. We walked about 3 miles finding the proper ICU and then another mile or so after we found it. One hospital employee was so nice to escort through the maze, called hallways, and got us close enough to where we could make it on our own….Only thing, he didn’t hang around to help us find our way out. One fellow standing in the hallway, a visitor, told us for 5.00 each he would tell us how to get out. After giving us a credit account, he went ahead and told us the best way out. We made it…… Wow…I came home and took a nap. Sweetie did too….

Gay Parade down Route 66

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 12-06-2011


According to this morning paper, the 35th annual Pride Parade took place yesterday. They said it is the state’s largest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender event. It did not say how many turned out for it. I understand that Albuquerque has a fairly large gay population. You know, I really don’t know how to address this issue. I don’t agree with them but I hate to throw stones. However, the bible says in Leviticus 18:22, “do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman: that is detestable.” So, it is not right, a sin if you will. But, since I qualify as a sinner I cannot throw stones but I would be amiss not to point out to those who are gay that it is a sin….If they held a sinner’s parade then I suppose I could go to it. I beleive it was Bill Gaither who wrote in one of his songs, “I’m just a sinner saved by grace.” That’s me…The difference between me and the folks at the gay parade is that I know when I have sin and I ask for forgiveness and try to turn from those sins as instructed by Christ’s teaching. I don’t think the folks at the gay parade think they are sinning and don’t ask for forgiveness and turn from their sins. That is key for both of us. Folks, I really ain’t judging. When you do wrong you got to admit you did wrong…Listen to me now…Rev 21:8 tells us the “cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars will be placed in the fiery lake of burning sulfur” which is the second death”…Man, I sure don’t want that for me or for you…The good news can be found in Rev 21:6….”…to him who is thirsty I will give to drink without cost from the spring of the water of life.. He who overcomes will inherit all this, and I will be his God and he will be my son.” So, you may want to consider praying for forgivness and changing your ways…For me it seems to be an ongoing process, asking for mercy, but I am trying to do better each day….How about you?…..

Schooling stuff, West Mesa High School & Heron Lake School

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 09-06-2011


According to this mornings paper students at Wesa Mesa High School here in Albuquerque cut a record of 88,000 classes during this school year. A school of 1700 students cut 88,000 classes!!!!  They pointed out they had a open campus which will be changed for next year. Question????? Why did you let it go a full year before doing something? School management and teachers may be slower than the students, wouldn’t you say? You would figure that someone at school would notice when that many students are absent. The students are doing what comes natural and to me, it seems the teachers are saying, “this is making my job easier” and just let it happen. But maybe I am missing something. If you are a teacher at West Mesa High, let me know where I am wrong…….According to this mornings paper, “Fishing Line” under the Heron Lake report….Don Wolfley, Lake Heron Guide Service has this to say about fishing at Heron Lake…, “No real schooling of fish are taking place yet.”….I really don’t know what to say about the Lake Heron school but could they be cuttings classes as well, huh? Pete

Poem by E. V. Hester, Titled: OBL You SOB

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 07-06-2011


Osama has been Obama’ed. Right after the Seals took care of Osama Ben Laden I wrote a poem…..I debated about posting it here, it may be a little rough,, about which you can make up your own mind, if you don’t like it let me know…..Well, if you do like it you can let me know that as well. The only pay I get is your praise and I am border line proverty level as we speak….Kidding, that’s a joke son……ok on to the poem:

ObL-you-SOB click on the blue

Smoke, but no fire….

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 06-06-2011


Boy, Albuquerque has caught holy heck in the past few days…The fires burning in Southeastern Arizona and maybe some from Silver City have sent plenty of smoke towards Albuquerque. A few times last week it seemed like our own neighborhood was on fire the smoke was so thick. I walked down the cul-de-sac checking to see which house was burning, it was that strong. Shortly after my stroll, the TV reported the smoke from the forest fires. Since that time we have had a few bad days but none as bad as that first day. The winds today seem to be coming from that direction again, so we may have to stay indoors for a while. Still, I’m not complaining..It is nothing compared to the folks in Tuscaloosa or Joplin. We do worry about the people near the Alpine, AZ, Luna, NM and Silver City, NM fires and hope they are doing ok. I don’t think there has been any loss of life yet in either fire….It has been a pretty tough year so far, huh? So much going on, the floods, storms, fires and e-coli outbreak…..Wonder did Mr. Camping get a new date for the rapture yet? It would be something if he was off by two weeks or so…..I’m kidding, Mr. Camping don’t know….We know who knows…..He that is  I AM, knows…..

Diane Dimond, “States Shoo Away D.C. on Immigration”

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 04-06-2011


Today’s Albuquerque Journal, June 4, 2011 has the article listed above in the OP-ED section of the paper. And Ms. Dimond tells it like it is without having to say I told you so. One, the needs for states to do something proactive about the problem of illegal immigration because members of congress have repeatedly fallen down on the job. Two, the hate mail she had received by calling a spade a spade as in calling “undocumented workers” illegals immigrants. One other papagraph I like states, “What’s happening is a real slap upside the head to members of both the executive and legislative branches of government. Washington’s complacency sparked a states revolution.” Speaking about E-Verify legislation legislatures in Mississippi and South Carolina,  and Arizona all have passed the bill requiring employers to check the status of citizenship. Alabama is on the verge of passing a similar bill. She covers a lot of ground and you need to read her article. She concludes with, “…the dam of inaction on immigration has been breached. There is no turning back. Washington, you have made yourself obsolete on this issue. I’m betting other issues you’ve sidestepped will be next.” The lady is good….Ruben Navarrette, Jr , finally has some competition in the Albuquerque Journal, thank goodness, and he will be scrambling to counter this great article by Ms. Dimond…..You keep turning out these articles Ms. Dimond…..Her web site is www.DianeDimond.net….    Pete Hester

Fishing Stuff, From Fishing Line, Albq Journal, June 2, 2011

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 02-06-2011


This article is titled “This Time the big one did not get away.” There is a picture of the little six year old girl with her grandpa showing off a 40 inch Tiger muskie. Here’s what happened. Little Anastasiah Alfaro was fishing with her grandpa at Quemado Lake, using her Little Princess Rod and Reel. She hooked a 12 inch trout and was working hard reeling it in, when all of a sudden she says to grandpa, “Grandpa, I think I’m stuck on the rocks.” Grandpa checked and said, “No, I think you got a big fish. Her grandpa, Anthony Alfaro said, “I thought there was no way she was going to bring that in, but she beached it.” This 40 1/4 inch Tiger Muskie weighted in at 17 pounds and had swallowed up the 12 inch trout. Lake officials told grandpa they had not seen anything that big caught out of their waters. The picture shows a cute, smiling Anastasiah standing next to the fish and she looks to be only 2 or 3 inches taller than the fish……Good job, Anastasiah…I am proud of you….Good job, Grandpa, I’m glad you’re spending some time fishing with Anastasiah…..Grandpa’s of America, take your grand kids fishing….It’s fun……

Migrant Farm Workers

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 01-06-2011


The immigration reform could began by helping Mr. Jaime Campos out. Mr. Campos is needing temporary farm workers. WKI Outsourcing, Mr. Campos company, supplies farm workers to area farmers all across southern New Mexico and maybe other areas as well. He is in need of these workers but he says he cannot get the Labor Department to allow enough workers to come through from Mexico and the duration of their stay is not sufficient for crop completion. I am but a small voice who says “listen to the man”. This is what makes for good international relations. Lets help him get some green carded workers into America and into the fields and let them stay until the work is done. If you have contacts in the Department of Labor or other high government offices, talk to them about this problems. Write to Mr. Jaimie Campos at jaimecampos@msn.com and visit with him about his total needs. This will help immigration and labor problems in the USA….