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Final posting?

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 21-05-2011


Well, according to Harold Camping, President of Family Radio, 6 pm today is it….. Rapture, so I’ll be out of here if that is correct. It is the day I have been waiting for. I read where no man would know the day or the hour but I apparently  Mr. Camping thinks he has some inside information. Now if I am around tomorrow, I may have a problem  that, one…..if the Rapture occurred and I am still here my troubles are just beginning…two, if the rapture did not occur then Mr. Camping got some bad information…It does not mean that he is a bad guy, just misinformed and not as close to the Almighty as he had previously thought. You got to be pretty gutsy to make a call like that, still I hope he is right, God takes us  believers right on up to heaven to spend enternity. Pretty good, huh.. Now then, if I am still here tomorrow and all my fellow Christian are still here also, I will be doing a post….If, however, my fellow Christians are all gone and I’m still here, then I don’t really know what I’ll be doing…That’s even harder to think about…..But, even so, tomorrow at this time, me still here (God forbid) I will be doing a post….Probably saying I am a Christian believer and they missed me in the Rapture somehow…..shudder, shudder…..Forgive all my sins Lord Jesus…Amen and Amen

New painting by E. V. Hester: Survivors

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 20-05-2011


I have titled this painting Survivors. I hope you can tell this is a mountainous burn area. As sometimes happens, the fire skips certain areas and things.  I have depicted a surviving pine tree and an owl waiting for any surviving rodents. With a few good rain the area will rejuvenate itself but it will be years in the restoration……click on painting to increase size….

Planting, Painting, Piddling and other stuff….

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 18-05-2011


Number 2 son came over again today. I always put him to work and I don’t really mean to, it just works out that way. And he is so nice to never complains and he works so darn fast. I have trouble keeping up. I won’t go over everything he did today but I kept him plenty busy planting, squash and okra. He makes it look easy. We have a joint effort in painting rocks also. His Mom picks the rocks to be painted and she picks most of the scriptures and he prints the scripture on the rock. He has a beautiful print. Then they allow me to paint flowers and grass and other stuff, such as vines, etc on the rocks and then we give them to family and friends. They turn out pretty good and we have received several complements on our work. They have been well received by those recipients or so it seems anyway. Anyway, the printing process goes a lot faster than the painting process so I have to catch up in the next couple of days on my “rock painting”. Some are used as decorations in the house, one is out by a tree planted in honor of a lady son who recently passed away, one or more is door stops. I painted some with flowers and no scriptures that decorate our patio. But anyway, it is a fun project that No. 2, Sweetie and I enjoy doing. Then later in the day No. 2 daughter dropped by and we had not seen her in forever (seems like) and we played ketch up on our visiting…So good to see her and her guy and getting some serious visiting in.

My back yard has been visited by a Scott Oriole, a beautiful bird, two days in a row now. I think he has a nest close by and I am delighted that he has chosen my yard to feed and water in. He took a real good bath in the bird bath, he stayed in a long time and he ran of a Robin who was wanting to bath. What a pleasure it is for me at the end of a day to sit on my back patio and watch the show put on by God’s little creatures.  Very relaxing.

For your information, I publish what you commenters write me for the most part, save any cursing or hurtful words toward people, etc, and sometimes those words are not agreed with by this writer, still I publish them and let you read what they think. If you disagree with what was said,  please write your rebuttal and I will publish that also. It happened just lately. Please understands that just because it was published here that, I may or may not agree with any or all of what was said.  If it gets to argumentative or objectionable or hurtful, then I may not publish it. But if I say something that you find hits any of the areas that I have asked you not to do, then please call me down on it. One other thing, sometimes comments get posted to the site before I approve them and sometimes it is several hours before I catch the objectionable comment. I try to trash or delete those as soon as possible….Anyway, I hope you enjoy the site…Thanks, Pete Hester

Dr. Walter Williams, Professor of Economics, George Mason U

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 14-05-2011


Obama wins in 2012, per Dr. Williams,  a black Economic Professor at George Mason University. A friend provided this e-mail….

Doctor Walter Williams Obama wins in 2012

click on the blue print..

hesterbooks.com writer, E. V. Pete Hester

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 12-05-2011


Please note all the angels on the fireplace mantel. My sweetie decorates for each season, this is Easter which stays up until its time for the Fourth of July celebration……Update…my bad…Sweetie told me the Angels Mantel is in between Easter and the 4th of July…I might try and picture the seasons changing as evidenced by our mantel in future postings. By the way, that is a working fireplace and has been painted white since we moved in many years ago. We have repainted it a time of two, then a couple of years ago we discontinued using it. Now, we keep something decorative in it all the time….

Going Broke vs Amnesty

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 11-05-2011


AARP Bulletin, May 2011, Vol 52 No. 4 Going Broke by Marsha Mercer..”Despite signs the economy is brightening, state governments face a fourth straight year of financial crisis. To balance their budgets over the past three years, officials have cut programs that help their most vulnerable residents, including older people and the disabled. They’ve hiked university tuition’s and sliced K-12 school spending. They’ve laid off hundreds of thousands of public employees and pared workers’ benefits and pensions……..Forty-four states and the District of Columbia are projecting $122 billion in budget shortfalls for fiscal 2012, according to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, which reports that nearly every state plans to spend less in 2012 than in 2008, after inflation….Me talking now, I am jumping ahead in the article some as she states what is driving the shortfalls…..Medicaid accounted for 22 percent, public education 21 percent of all state spending. Next were higher education 10 percent, transportation 8 %, corrections 3% and public assistance 2 percent. States spent the remaining 34 % on everything else……Skipping further…..Despite the political unpopularity of such a move, more than 30 states have raised income, sales or business taxes since the recession started……Me talking again…Which one of us wants to be a bad guy and say no to amnesty? To say no to 11 million more people? To say no to their children who have been raised in America and some who even did not know Mom and Dad were in America illegally..None of us wants to be that bad guy…But who wants to say no  to our very own citizens, who have worked and paid for a secure America only to now be losing it. I am sorry my illegal Mexican friends, but we cannot do the amnesty bit and stay solvent….How much is the national debt of Mexico? Can they help us? Looks to me like they are gonna have to or someone is, but who is kidding whom….We have helped almost every nation in the world….I do not expect anyone of them will come forward when we go under…I am not sure that we can turn it around…Is it possible that America is not mentioned in the end times of the Bible because we are no longer a world power? Well, I don’t know, but you have to admit it does make one wonder…..Can eleven million more people really make a difference?…. Jeez, what’s a couple more trillion dollars?

Line item veto stuff and some other stuff…

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 10-05-2011


Governor Martinez said she would veto certain stuff and some of the house and senate did not believe her, so she used her line item veto powers to strike through certain monies, etc, trying to be pushed through behind or in a certain bills….Nah, she ain’t gonna let you do that…She said you couldn’t and she ain’t gonna let you pull a fast one. So she will strike that out….Way to go Guv….Snow stuff…It snowed up in Iceland on May 1st. Those folks were upset about it snowing so late. I figured it snowed year round that far north…Guess not. Reckon some of them already had their tomatoes out…Thats bad….Radish stuff…My radishes are not doing well where my son and I put them out…I don’t know, bad soil, too little sun, to many honeysuckle roots…something happens…I planted some seed a week later in my garden space in the back yard and man, beautiful radishes..I put two of them in a salad yesterday. And I still have not seen any orka sticking up its head yet, so I don’t know about all my sons big footed spading, it may have been for naught…..Airport stuff…Don’t plan on landing at the airport near Claunch as I don’t think it is ready just yet. I called for the airport manager yesterday and he still has not returned my call, but I understand the wind sock is not out yet…Don’t try landing there as you really need the wind sock in my opinion. And the condition of the runway is in question at this time as well. I cannot comment further at this time on the airport stuff other than to say I don’t think rental cars are available now….Coal Fire, AL Baptist Church stuff. The 4given Quartet will be appearing there Sunday, June 26, 2011 at 1 PM for a concert. I hope you folks will attend their concert and give them a good Coal Fire welcome. I listened to a sample of their singing on their web site..They are good and I think you will enjoy your Sunday afternoon with them. They are from over ’round Northport…..Well, that’s about all the stuff I can think of right now…Pete   P.S.   Flooding stuff….I forgot, the excess water flowing down the Mississippi, flooding all the towns and fields…How I wish there were a lot of big pumps hooked to a pipe line sending water to Ute Lake, Elephant Butt, Santa Rosa Lake, Brantley Lake and all the other lakes in the area…..Water is a little like money, “some got plenty and others don’t have enough”, huh?…New Orleans looks like it could be in a world of hurt as the flood waters reach Baton Rouge and New Orleans…Let us wish them well and pray for them…..

Otera Dale Bonner Hester, May 29, 1910 – Sept 10, 2001, My Momma

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 08-05-2011


It has been almost 10 years, but I still miss her…She was a good Mother and she worked hard to provide for me during my school years and I really never understood how little money we had as a family since she made sure I did not lack for anything. I feel sure she sometimes shorted herself in providing for her family…..Mothers all over the world do that and seldom do they ever receive any thanks for it….I loved my Mom so deeply, still do and miss her. Our reunion draws nearer with each passing year…To all of you that have your Mother still with you, shower her with love and hugs and kisses and be thankful she is still with you…..Mothers of the world, God Bless you and thank you for being there for those who call you MOM……Pete Hester

Kirtland AF Base Commander Upset at Meeting

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 04-05-2011


The Kirtland Base Commander got upset with one of the participants in the meeting yesterday when the person stated he felt someone at the base should have known about the fuel leak and indicated a possible cover-up. Mr. Base Commander came back at him rather sharply in his reply……But I say the man is correct in that someone knew about it…. I have spent a portion of my life keeping up with various plant inventories, manufacturing inventories and supply inventories. Simply put, your on hand product plus your incoming product minus your outgoing product equals your inventory on hand. It can be managed to the gnats butt, so to speak, or you can have an daily acceptable allowable plus or minus. Anyway, way before the missing inventory had become 8 million gallons, someone, somewhere on that  base should have known and have reported “we got a problem”. I am sorry Mr. Base Commander, but you owe that man an apology and you attack the mental capacity of all who attended your meeting, otherwise, you are saying ‘”we just did not keep proper records” or better stated, “we did not keep any records”. As I recall your annual usage was several million  gallons  and I don’t believe any federal agency would tolerate such lousy record keeping. Anyway, that’s just the way I see it….. The point really now is Sir, let us get busy cleaning up the mess before we are drinking pure jet fuel…..Please…..

Running from Momma

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 04-05-2011


I probably should not tell this story….its on me, Mom and Dad, my brother and sister have passed on, so I guess it will be ok….I was seven or eight years old, my brother was in the Navy serving in World War II. We lived out in the country and we had a post office in the local store in Coal Fire, AL. It was almost time for the mail man to come through and pick up any outgoing mail and Mom wanted me to take a letter to my brother to the store as she wanted it to go off that day. I did not want to. She insisted. I refused. She reached for the peach tree limb she kept in the corner of the kitchen, just for me, and when I saw her reach for it, I ran…I ran fast as I could but Momma was gaining on me….ok, to even things up I decided to climb a water oak tree and I knew that would defeat her…I proceeded to climb, climbing all the way to the top…Having reached the pinnacle  of my destination, I looked to see where my Momma was on the ground…She wasn’t on the ground. She and her peach tree limb were right behind me….There was no where else to go…And all that climbing had really made my Momma mad…..Well, I got one of the worst and hardest whipping a fellow could possibly get….I made all sorts of promises to her there in the top of that tree, including a promise to take the letter to the store and to always go in the future, that I would be a good boy forever and ever….well, you know the story….My Momma loved to tell the story and to tell about the look on my face when I looked down expecting her to be on the ground when she was a couple of limbs away….So, if any of you boys are reading this, don’t run from Momma, especially if she is active and agile….Some lessons are learned better than others and some are unforgetable….Believe me on that…..So, Mothers of the world, Happy Mother’s Day…….