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Writing stuff

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 15-04-2011


I think I have the final chapter of my new novel started….should be finished in another, er, month maybe…I am pretty sure this will be my last one. Seems like the words are a little harder to come by anymore….I have not had an illness or anything, seems as though I have just been struck dumb…I can probably get a lot of amens to that, especially from you friends of mine….But, no kidding, seems like before the words just flowed, good or bad I know not, but at least they kept coming. Nowadays, seems like from the brains to the fingers is 15 – 20 seconds per word, and from the need for a sentence to the completion thereof is eons. That may be a slight exaggeration, but everything has slowed down. As an example, you have heard the little ball in a spray paint can when you shake it up, well, my brain is kinda like that, turn my head quickly and hear a rattle, one side of the head to the other….I do that and get a big sneeze…That sneeze part could be from all the juniper and cedar out here on the west mesa,  but how do you explain the rattle. It’s larger than a pea, so don’t call me a pea brain…..Maybe the size of a pinto bean, so I guess you can call me bean brain or pinto pete….well, enough self degradation tonight….maybe I will feel more like a writer tomorrow night, after all, I did have beans for supper, maybe that will improve my thought process…Reckon?….Yeah, I doubt it also…

Tsunami Dog Recovered and other stuff….

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 12-04-2011


Man, did you read about the two year old dog being found at sea three weeks after the tsunami took him for a ride in the ocean, on top of a roof no less. Paper stated that the pup was reunited with its owner. Ban was the dog’s name and I am sure it was happy to see some friendly faces after that ride in the ocean.

Gas price stuff: Gasoline FOB gulf coast was 3.20 per gallon as shown in today’s paper. Typically one can add about 45 to 50 cents a gallon to that out here in our part of the world to calculate the price at the pump. That would be 3.70 and I think that is about where it is, I didn’t look today but yesterday at the c-store nearby it was 3.65 per gallon. I wanted to drive to Alabama this year for another reunion but it will probably be cheaper in the long run to fly. Gad, I hate to fly any more. I used to fly every week and it was fun…..not anymore….”take off my shoes…What thehellareyoutalkingabout?”…..Take off your shoes, gosh….

Coal powered electric plants stuff:    Now coal is back in favor over nuclear…And I think they are right…The nuclear plants do scare me, but what do I know…Coal scares a lot of other folks..We Americans do love our comfort, don’t we….So, coal, wind, waves, solar, whatever, we will use it, including nuclear..

Cocoa stuff….Cost of your cocoa is going up due to all the problems in the Ivory Coast after forces local to the elected president Outtara arrested the former president Laurent Gbaggo….As you recall, Gbaggo would not leave the office….I doubt the price goes down once the government settles down…Its always something….

Price stuff: My sweetie came in this morning complaining about every thing going up at the grocery store… Orange juice, milk, matter of fact, everything she took out of the grocery bag she compared to the last time she bought…She warned me to watch the prices if I went shopping….Now, that is really scary…I am a terrible shopper at low prices…at runaway prices we could really be in trouble…well, maybe she won’t send me to the store…

Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo/w Lynn Vincent

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 08-04-2011


Folks, you will want to read this story of a four year old going to heaven while on the operating table, especially if you have doubts about Heaven and doubts of our Heavenly Father. Young Colton Burpo is around eleven years old now and this happened when he was four. From the time it occurred until 2010, bits and pieces of the story came out of the child. Finally his dad and others said this story must be told….. How real, how touching and how reassuring to an old rascal like me whose only chance of making Heaven is through the  grace of our loving Savior. According to Colton, the marks of the nails are still in his hands and his feet, but every thing else is new….Well, you read it….I don’t want to recount the story here, but I do want to ask you to read it… for a real blessing…..Pete Hester

New Mexico Lobo Football

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 07-04-2011


There was a nice article in todays Albuquerque Journal, 4/7/11,  (Trail by Fire Refines Farrell by Rick Wright) on a young player from Baton Rouge, La, Dillon Farrell,  a first team all state Louisanna football player. He was his class president. It spoke of his coming to New Mexico for a visit and how he loved Albuquerque and how everything here is amazing and how he had felt blessed to be out here….His coaches say he has a wonderful attitude. A sophomore center trained under Eric Cook last year, who is now a player for the Washington Redskins, taught him the ends and outs of playing center last year. His coach also says, “his understanding of the offense has been everything. He’s every bit as much a coach as I am, he really is.” Well, now to my point…..I know that the Lobo football team has many players with a wonderful attitude and a desire to win, on the field and in life and it is a shame that their football team has not won but two football games in the last two years. Farrell is but one of many good players on this years Lobos  . Folks, there are many winners on the Lobo football team, boys that played their hearts out last year and some the year before and some more good ones coming in. They practiced hard, played hard, gave their coaches all they had each and every practice and game. You know when you are losing that it becomes more and more difficult to go out the next week and start over again, but they did…and they have all learned a valuable lesson, one that will carry over to this year and we can tell every one of their opponents this coming year, you gonna have to beat them again….They feel, “You have beat the crap out of us two years running and we are pissed”…I truly believe that this team will come into this season with a chip on its shoulder, and by damn, they double dog dare you to knock it off again and it the other team wins again, they will have earned it…They have been down too long and that is gonna change… I can feel it…….GO LOBOS

God Bless the Little Children

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 05-04-2011



Subject: Kindergarten Guitar Players

You’ve got to see these kids. I wonder how long they’ve been playing their guitars.


Did you read what Ruben Navarrette, Jr said?

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 03-04-2011


Well, probably not, and I don’t intended to say all that he said, but you can read him in the April 3, 2011 Albuquerque Journal, “Hispanics Part of National Fabric”, should you desire. One thing that he says is that the big Latino population gains were made in states like, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina and North Carolina…They have good taste in country, I’ll say that for them….but here’s the kicker…He said, “However, it’s just as likely that the more the Latino population grows, the more frightened and desperate Anglos will become. Republicans are the official party of “frightened” and “desperate”……You know, I could write several pages about that statement, but I won’t. I think he is just crowing about his homelands population growth. Maybe some day he will write about the joys of living in the United States, reckon?……………..Naw, I doubt it also….

Okra and Radishes planted

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 01-04-2011


No. 2 son came by Tuesday and his Pappy was ready to do some planting. He helped,….. aw, let me say it correctly, he broke some ground while I watched (the very best way to plant a garden, but don’t tell him I said that, ok). Now this particular spot was under or near a fence containing a honeysuckle vine and the roots were thicker than the soil. No problem for that boy’s number 11 foot and my sharp shovel. That boy just breezed right though them. Then we mixed up some new soil,  a sack of compost, top soil and potting soil mix, raked that around, well, he might have turned that also, not sure about this step, as the warm sun had me nodding, and planted. The radish package said that in 4 days the plants would be sticking their little shoots up and in 25 days we would be eating them. Well, I didn’t see them little fellas today but I am sure they will be coming up shortly. We also planted a couple of potato hills and we will just have to see how that goes. Now, I don’t know about the okra, 2 rows, about when it will be coming up, but I can already taste the fried okra, and boil okra, yeah, and some gumbo and a couple of pods thrown into some black eyed peas. You know, being retired, you become an expert in growing stuff…..Well, you see, in becoming an expert one has to experience a few failed crops before he gets them right. Let me see, it I can hang around and continue planting every year, about 2020 and I think I will be there,…. ok, maybe 2025….Son, I don’t think I said Thank You…So thank you and I love you partner….

New Mexico Lobos Coach Locklsey’s new contract

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 01-04-2011


Next year we can fire our football coach if we need to and it will only cost us $450,000, not the 1.09 million that we once thought. He agreed to that. We promised him a bonus of 50,000 if he wins 6 games for this coming season. His record for his two years is 2 – 22 or something like that, not good in other words. So, he needs to win and he knows he needs to win. Oh yeah, if he leaves on his own he will not have to pay the 250,000 as before……I am glad he renegotiated his contract and I think it will help all parties…..What I would like, what the community would like, is for the Coach to stay with us a long time, with a winning record. I think six wins this coming season will net him another year here. Anything less is goodbye, I think….He believes in that awful spread offense and so far he has not convinced me that the offense is worth keeping….But it is his to choose, win or lose….I’ll still be cheering for the Lobo’s,  but Coach, you owe us some wins….OK?

New Info on Kirland AFB Jet Fuel Spill

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 31-03-2011


AFB Fuel Leak 

The following was written in July, 2010

Kirtland AFB Jet Fuel Spill

By Pete, July 8, 2010 3:37 p07

I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but when one dies you have to bury it and the sooner the better. (We have discussed this before.) The paper is reporting that the leak was discovered in 1999, and they say it has probably been leaking for decades prior to the discovery.  Now the Air Force is proposing to drill 23 monitor wells. Air Force monitoring wells have already discovered jet fuel floating atop the aquifer, in a layer that is in some places  3 feet thick. EPA says the Air Force is not moving fast enough. Concern is that soon the fuel may reach Albuquerque drinking water…Golly Mr EPA Man, it has only been eleven years, why are you upset? Did you mean “right away”? Wonder if some of the Air Force officials are now working for BP?…. It’s not like we have a whole lot of choices when it comes to drinking water…Let’s hope they soon get some flares or recovery efforts made…Eleven years?…Wow

March 30, 2011 update to the above:

Per today’s paper the fuel has reached the drinking water or at least it is within a mile of the drinking water……, now something has to be done….We all like to drink water, why, some of us even need to drink water…..Folks, there are companies who make a living of cleaning underground water aquifers…They bring it up, burn the hydrocarbons and return the water to the aquifer….Why are we waiting, General Base Commander, Sir….Some of your family may have to drink some of this water also…Could you please mention it to the Commander-in-Chief…..or hire someone to do the job then mention it to the President, that would be better I think…..

March 31, 2011 update…..Today I recieved the 2010 Water Quality Report…..We still have good, safe drinking water. You may go to www.abcwua.org to download the complete report. It is very informative and is loaded with information about our water……

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Super Goober

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 29-03-2011


Well, we just returned from a trip to Portales in Eastern New Mexico and while we were there we looked around for the super goober being developed or rather, raised, between Portales and Clovis…..It may be there but I don’t guess you can see it from the highway. I reckon this is the first year for it…We bought some peanuts from the peanut plant there but they were the regular peanuts. I failed to ask the people working there when they expected to have them available. The paper last week said they were being developed, so maybe it is a while away. We go down there a couple or three times a year so we will keep you posted on this super goober….. In the irrigated fields plants were already ankle high or better and a beautiful green. Shows what a little water can do….The country side is still brown though. …..Warm weather has been kinder to the eastern part of the state than it’s been around here.