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New Mexico Lobos did not lose this week……

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 17-10-2010


We had a bye week….we did not win but we did not lose….hopefully our fortunes will change with a week to rest up,….. learn some new plays, learn some more of the old plays,  learn some more fundamentals, learn how to hold so the ref can’t see it,…no, no, I didn’t mean that…ok, forget that part of the lesson,…learn that the most important thing in school is the classroom…Really, it is…we yell and scream about winning, but since only a few of you will play sports after college, earn that degree and just have fun with football…Ok?….Don’t tell the coach we had this little talk…..

Home made ice cream….

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 14-10-2010


We have been looking for a ice cream freezer…Ours broke a few weeks ago and we are looking for a replacement, naw, not the old hand crank kind, though it is best, but an electric that will do the turning for you. Well, we have gone to most of the stores in town that we thought would carry them and have not been able to find one….They all say, that’s seasonal stuff…The other day we were at K-mart, a nice young lady was working behind the information, customer service desk and my sweetie asked, “do you have any ice cream freezers?”…”What is that”, she asked?”. We first thought she was kidding, but she really had no idea. I said to her, “Are you telling me you never sat on a ice cream freezer while someone was cranking it to make ice cream?”…You could tell she thought that was last century stuff…you know what, it is…Folks really, I know I ask you for comments and you don’t care to leave a note, but please talk to me on this,…..am I getting that damn old?….People don’t know what home made ice cream freezers are anymore? That is really sad….Every child in America should have to sit on an ice cream freezer while it is being cranked.  You learn so much waiting on good ice cream, about sharing a bowl of ice cream with family and friends, about patience and anticipation of something good to come, about sharing the work for something good, I think I could go on and on regarding the values of home made ice cream….Maybe that is what is wrong with America? Reckon?….What do you think?…..

Fall, a sad time of the year….sometimes

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 12-10-2010


Alabama gets beat…..Dallas Cowboys gets beat….New Mexico Lobos get beat….Matter of fact, the paper stated this morning that New Mexico has a bye this week and the bye is favored by 3 and a half points….Now thats bad, huh?…I remember years ago when “Bama would get beat how my Dad would mope around until they did beat someone, but he always felt terrible after Bama took a beating….Well, I am the same way and when all my teams take a hit, golly, I am really down and out….It’s just a ball game you say and I say the same thing, but my heart just will not listen…I hate I’m like that….Usually, a big dish of ice cream helps….I am going to look for some support down at the DQ….Probably feel better in a little bit, a large cone or maybe a strawberry shake….Yeah, I’m feeling some better already….

Brett Favre…..

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 12-10-2010


Say it ain’t so…..Brett…My hero….Well, we still got to hear what he has to say about it….I certainly hope it is not like some of the other sports stars, where the damn breaks and all kind of stuff start pouring through….I guess money, stardom and power brings some other stuff with it, but don’t get me wrong, I am still hoping for the best for Brett….Stuff happens and it happens to all of us, just more often to the rich and famous seems like and of course, more folks that hear about it and then they have to tell everything to everybody, put it on facebook and websites….whoa, now wait, I wouldn’t do that….would I?… Naw, I say he is innocent until proven guilty and I ain’t gonna talk about it…..

Women troubles

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 10-10-2010


I went down to the bank a couple of weeks ago. The teller had waited on me before, a nice,  cute, personable young lady. I noticed she had a design painted on her nails, I mentioned it to her and she held out her hand for me to see. It was a black design at the top of the nail then it worked on down the nail into a yellow and black webbing, kind of, but the top was totally black. I told her, “you know my nails kind of look like that when I’ve been working in the garden.” Well, she kind of went yuk, smiled and went on with her work. I happened to mention it the other day when talking to my sweetie and she said, “that’s a terrible thing to say to that poor girl. You should be ashamed saying something like that. She had her nails done and was very proud of them and then you say something like that.” ….Well, I never meant any harm by it, it was just an off the top of my head honest opinion, and I don’t leave the dirt there, I always clean it out with my pocket knife, so I don’t understand why that would be a bad or upseting statement….geez, sometimes its better just to keep your mouth shut, huh? I thought that design was pretty enough, but with red or blue, I would not have thought about the dirt, but with black, that’s just how it looks…I ain’t gonna talk gardening with that young lady any more…..

Guardian Angels? Do you have one?

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 08-10-2010


I goggled guardian angels today and read some interesting information…I believe that I do, yet I cannot find in the Bible where it says, yes, you do…It does say angels will minister to me, etc, but the ever present one right here by me?…I don’t know…I have heard of folks being visited by someone they thought to be an angel….me too…I spent many years traveling around the southwest, driving to make sales calls alone and several times have felt like a presence’s in the car with me…How about you? How do you feel on the subject? Have you been visited by angels? I had a nurse pray with me just before by-pass surgery, a wonderful prayer that touched me mightily, bringing a great feeling of relief to me…I never saw her at that hospital again or even around town…She could have been just a nice Christian person, but man could she pray…My nephew told of his doctor praying with him before by-pass surgery, so maybe it happens a lot and let me tell you, folks, it has a very soothing affect to the soul about to go under the knife…What’s your story, huh? Leave me your story, just click on comment and let us hear from you… you may be a blessing to someone…..thanks, Pete

Crock Pot Tortilla Soup w/Hatch Green Chilies

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 07-10-2010


Back by popular demand….try it out…..

Crock Pot Tortilla Soup w/Hatch Green Chilies

By Pete, August 28, 2010 3:37 p08


Recipe: Crock Pot Tortilla Soup with HATCH Green Chile Enchilada Sauce

1 1/2 pounds cooked shredded chicken
1 15 oz. can diced tomatoes
1 14 oz. can HATCH Green Chile Enchilada Sauce
2 4 oz. cans HATCH Diced Green Chiles
1 15 oz. can pinto beans, drained
1 medium onion, chopped
2 tbsp minced garlic
2 cups water
1 15 oz. can chicken broth
2 tsp each: cumin, chili powder, salt, black pepper (or to taste)
1 15 oz. can corn, drained
2  tbsp cilantro, chopped

In crock pot, combine all ingredients except cilantro and garnish. Cover and cook for 6-8 hours. Cheddar and/or Monterey Jack cheese, sour cream and avocado for garnish.

To serve: Spoon into deep bowls and garnish with cheese, sour cream and avocado as desired. Tortillas or chips may be served on the side.

Toss it or keep it: Oh my gosh, keep this recipe. My husband and I agreed that this soup is better than most restaurant versions we’ve had. I ate two bowls and wanted to lick them clean. Depending on your kids palate, it might be a bit spicy.

 I hope your grocer carries the Hatch Brand…If not fuss at him until he will…It’s gooooood…….

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2 Responses to “Crock Pot Tortilla Soup w/Hatch Green Chilies”

  1. kj5si says:

    Pete, with my ulser, I cannot eat hot stuff (spicy hot), so tell me before I try this, IS IT HOT?

  2. Pete says:

    If you get the mild sauce and chilis it should not be hot, but it will be spicy…Out here, we have to be careful about telling folks what is hot and what is not, our mouths get used to the spicy stuff and we tend to lean toward the hot side. Maybe have the wife make it when friends or family is coming over and to make another dish so if it is hot you will still have a little to eat…..

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Balloons….Balloons everywhere!!!!!

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 04-10-2010


Albuquerque during balloon fiesta is surely a sight to behold. Mass ascension is something else. I don’t go every year, but when family is in town, we go. Being up close and witnessing all the commotion required to get them blown up and off the ground in an orderly fashion is truly a sight to behold…They have referees, in striped shirts and whistles no less, telling the balloonist when they can lift off….I don’t know the balloon count this year, but it is over 500 I am sure…A couple of years ago I think there was around 700…The special shapes are nice…beer cans, stage coach, Old Mrs. Hubbard’s house with children clinging to the sides, pigs, cows, chilies, whiskey bottles, all the children and us young at heart love the special shapes…They usually go last as most of them are so big…They may be harder to control also, but I really don’t know about that…This year the winds have been taking them south and southeast…I live due west of the balloon park and have only had one balloon visit our area. Sweetie was out watering and one was just overhead and they spoke to her and waved. One always knows they are coming as every dog in the neighborhood is out greeting them, barking at the propane torch providing the hot air for the balloon. The famed Albuquerque box is not working this year, so far….that is where the balloonist can lift off, go to four different heights, picking up winds in all four directions in one of those altitudes and come back to where he lifted off or at least close to where he lifted off….Always the first full week of October…Our town is full of hot air, er, balloons that is….It is nice and a good time for full time residents to stay close to home….busy, busy town….

Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 01-10-2010


We toured Glen Canyon Dam, going down into the inside, seeing the eight turbines and all…quite interesting..They told us the building of the dam is still not paid for even though they have generated about 3 billion dollars in revenue so far. Power generated at Glen Canyon goes all over the southwest, New Mexico, Arizona, California and Texas. Did you know they had to build a 2 mile tunnel to get the equipment into the lower working area of the dam and it has an 8 percent grade. The workers use it daily and the company that rafts the river use it to deploy their rafts. One shot is of the front, or dam side and the other shot of of the Lake Powell side. The water level is up as they have had good rain and snow melts. Our guide said a good snow melt could raise the level of the lake about 15 inches. Amazing, huh?…..

We took a boat tour of Lake Powell, about a 3 hour boat ride…They took us down near the dam and up one of the canyons…I thought the recording was kidding when they said do not put your arms out as you may get caught between the canyon wall and the boat…this was a big boat maybe a 80 to 100 ft or so…I am thinking there is no way they would go up a canyon that would crowd this big, expensive boat between canyon walls….wrong…the boat went on back until it was boxed in the canyon…it surely had side thrusters to turn around like it did….That was very interesting….Lake Powell tour was sweeties favorite part of our vacation…Glen Canyon Dam may have been mine….

investment/play like

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 30-09-2010


well, do you remember my play like purchase of 1000 shares of Western Refinery back last month? Where I purchased 1000 shares at 4.11 per share or 4110.oo invested. So, yesterday, a month later, I sold them at 5.01 per share or 5010.00.  So, I made 900.00. I am sure some fees and commissions would have to be deducted, but that’s not bad. I am going to wait a few days and do it again. Same company? Maybe. Maybe something else that may catch my eye. Southwest Airlines? Maybe. I will have to watch them. A few years ago I was flying SWA about every week. It was fun then….