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Sad Story, Teachers….But True…..Sing Loud, folks, sing loud

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 17-01-2013


Every so often you hear a story that you feel you must tell and the main reason is  to keep others from making such a terrible mistake……Years ago, a second grade class was putting on a program. All the class was singing in a part of it. The teacher did not like the way one little girl sounded and offered her a quarter to not sing, telling her to just mouth the words. It upset and hurt the little girl terribly and her dad even made a trip down to the school house to address his anger to the teacher. That prompted that little girl to never sing again, never, ever,  because her voice was so terrible, at least she thought that must be right for her teacher to do such a thing. To this day, many years have passed and she will not sing.  I hope and pray that none of my readers would ever be quilty of such a thing. Singing it not so much about sounding good as it is letting the joy escape from ones heart. Shame on that teacher for putting such a burden and damper on that little girl, one who today is now in her golden years, but she will not sing because of being paid a quarter to not sing. Just writing about it makes me sad…I wonder how much joy has been surpressed over the years because someone told her she could not sing……I sing in the shower, while working in the yard, walking around the house, sometimes even while shopping….and it is not about me sounding good or pretty, its about me being happy and releasing it from the inside…….Shame, shame on that second grade teacher….Pete

High School Best Friend

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 15-01-2013


A few years ago my best friend from high school called the house and I was not here at the time. He introduced himself to sweetie and told her he was my best friend from high school and also that we had always been best friends. Sweetie says “Yes, I have heard him mention you, but I don’t think you have always been best friends.” “What do you mean”, he says. Sweetie says, “well, he told me that you came into high school at the start of the ya’ll junior year and he said you tried out for right half back, his position and he noticed you talking to his girl friend a lot and he was jealous of you and did not like you. The two of you were continual bickering, so much so that one day at PE Coach Elmore says, “I’m tired of the bickering between the two of you. I’m putting these boxing gloves on you and ya’ll fight until you cannot fight anymore. He said the two of you went after it and fought until you could not even lift your arms any more, then the coach stopped you. After that, you were best friends.” He said, “Oh, yeah, you are right. I had forgotten about that fight.” Funny that Sweetie remembered me talking about the fight and he never even had remembered it. Thinking about it now, it was my heart out of wack and not his. You know, he could not box all that good and I thought that I could….I mean that I was dancing around, moving the old feet, throwing jabs, etc, and he threw hay makers..he would take that old glove back to left field and I knew two minutes before he threw them that it was coming….Those darn thing landed with such an impact, that even if I blocked them, it would jar every bone in my body. I really think I won on style but I believe he won on hurt….That day he became my buddy…He’s still my buddy, we still talk and I appreciate him…..Buddies are hard to find anymore and old buddies are even harder to find….I talked to him last week….You are a good’un my friend…..Thanks for being my best buddy..Pete… ps..lets not box anymore, ok? Thanks….

Obama says…It ain’t my fault

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 14-01-2013


Did you see the Presidential press conference today. Mr. Obama says, “I am telling you in advance it ain’t my fault. It’s all in congress lap. “The American people sent a message to the country that they want what I want, so Congress needs to step up to the plate and deliver”…….Last term, Bush was to blame, this term is gonna be Congress. It’s like: if you don’t like my writing here today it is not because of what I have written, it is your interpretation of what I have written and I am telling you in advance it’s your problem. Ain’t it? Of course not, I am just not a very good writer…..You can draw your own conclusions of Mr. Obama….Pete

Texas Water Rights or New Mexico Water Rights

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 12-01-2013


The State of New Mexico is being sued by Texas. It seems as though New Mexico is holding to much of the Texas water supply according to Texas. Texas farmers say they do not get enough water flow down the Rio Grande. New Mexico Farmers say the same thing about them not getting enough water. It makes me wonder. If you look at the Elephant Butte Reservoir and it is nearly empty, how we can be holding to much? Where do the rights of New Mexico end and the rights for Texas start? I guess that is what the Supreme Court will have to determine. The farmers along the Rio Grande in New Mexico feel that they are not getting their fair share and the Texas farmers in the same valley claim New Mexico is hogging it all. I can verify that most of it is gone. I guess when the Texans drive by the Butte they say, “why it still has some water in it” and it does have a smidgen left for the few catfish and bass left there….Must we turn every drop loose? T or C has depended on the sports activity on the Butte every year…Must that go away…I can certainly understand the farmers in Texas wanting their fair share but a some point you have to understand that half of nothing is nothing. Every city and village along the Rio Grande, New Mexico and Texas and Mexico, depend on that river bringing in some water….If we don’t get some snow melt this year and some rain, I fear it will nearly dry up. The Supreme Court has its work cut out   in making a fair decision on this one. One other wrinkle that has me wondering is the wells down the Rio Grande Valley and the water pulled from those wells is if those water wells pulls resupply from the Rio Grande also. A decision “ain’t” gonna be easy for the folks on the Supreme Court. Good luck to you……I guess at some point all us folks gonna have to ask the Lord to open up the Heavens again and let it rain……a lot….Maybe not 40 days and nights, but  a lot.. Wonder if He will hear us the way some of us been acting?….Pete

Sports fans in Albuquerque…two fans anyway

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 10-01-2013


Day before yesterday (1/8/13) in the letters to the sports editor of Albuquerque Journal, a fellow by the name of Nathan suggested that the fans of Alabama go back to their mobile homes and grits to celebrate…Very poor taste for one thing, grits are great even in New Mexico and we have many mobile homes here. Then “The Dr.” wrote in today stating what a miserable state New Mexico is, nothing but desert and he would take Alabama any day over the ugly state of New Mexico, or words to that affect. Both of them have a right to their opinion but how wrong they are. I am a Alabama boy, left the state in the fifties and spend the rest of my life in New Mexico. All of us know the beauty of the great state of New Mexico, from the flat lands and river valleys to the snow covered high mountain peaks. Some of the prettest timber you will see anywhere is in New Mexico and that may surprise some. Dry climate, no bugs to speak of and a little dust to test our love for the state in spring……The road is open “dr.” so take your little mind on back to Alabama and enjoy the beauty of that state and we all know how beautiful it is….Green, lush, good fishing, beautiful streams, ie, Coalfire Creek, lakes, hill county of northern Alabama, gulf coast and on and on….Nathan needs to take a trip down there to see for himself….Only thing, Nathan I must warn you that if you wise off down there about how bad Alabama is you may….well, just keep your mouth shut would be my advise…”Dr.” you probably need to keep your mouth shut also…..Now as to the National Championship game…..Bama won, Bama deserved to win and I think Texas A&M deserves to be number two……That’s how I see it anyway…

Twas the Night of the Championship

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 09-01-2013


Subject: Fwd: “‘Twas the night of the Championship
“‘Twas the night of the Championship, and all through South Beach, Notre Dame fans were saying, “Another title’s in reach!”
The luck of the Irish had carried them through, with wins over Pittsburgh and even Purdue.
The Domers were nestled all snug in their seats, with visions of crystal…just one team to beat!
And I in my houndstooth and crimson and white, knew for the Irish, it could be a long night.
When out of the tunnel there arose such a thunder, fans stood to their feet with amazement and wonder.
The ground shook like an earthquake had just hit the field, and I felt Irish fear beginning to build.
They scattered and looked for some place to hide, as the announcer proclaimed, “And here comes the Tide!”
I sang “Yea Alabama,” yes I sang every word, as Notre Dame marveled at the elephant herd.
Led by a man both lively and quick, everyone knew that he was St. Nick.
More rapid than eagles, his coursers they came. He whistled and shouted and called them by name.
“Now Lacy! Now Milliner, McCarron and Fluker! On Barrett! On Mosely! On Warmack and Cooper!
Miami is where Notre Dame’s luck shall end. The BCS trophy is ours to defend!”
Then after the kickoff, a beating began. The Irish now knew that they were outmanned.
They tried to get going, but never could start. They were just simply no match for the defense of Smart.
Brian Kelly cried out, “This just isn’t fair! Saban was given a month to prepare!”
But his cries were not heard, they fell on deaf ears. “We have to adjust! We have to switch gears!”
Then Notre Dame ran what nobody expected. They faked the reverse, but the pass was deflected.
The ball was picked off! The crowd let out a roar, as the Bama defender walked in for the score.
Saban spoke not a word to his crimson machine. As the seconds ticked off, to number 15.
If one thing was learned in Miami that night, it’s that you don’t bring a leprechaun to an elephant fight.
And I heard the crowd yell to the losers in blue, “We just beat the hell outta you!”
Sent to hesterbooks.com by a true Aliceville, Al native and cousin to this writer….I LOVE IT….Pete

Bama Beats Notre Dame

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 04-01-2013


I like Notre Dame, er, most of the time, but this time Bama gonna beat up on Notre Dame, pretty bad and become the National Champs again. Well, pretty bad may be a overstatment, but the important thing is Bama wins. Roll Tide….National Champs…….

Woe is me….Not really, Thanks for coming by

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 01-01-2013


In 2012 this web site had 45,197 visitors and 290,687 hits…Well, that’s pretty good, but in 2011 this web site had 56,879 visitors with 376,759 hits….Toward the end of the year my numbers were coming back up but one always hates to lose anyone….Well, if each of you would ask one person to come by for a visit maybe I could get my numbers back…..That is important but one thing that is up and is a good sign that my visitors are staying longer, reading or downloading some of my stories or maybe just reading through  the long list of posting and comments by some of the readers…I wish more of you would let me know your thoughts and believe me, even though you don’t think like I think, usually I will publish your thoughts. Anyway, if it is a quick visit or an hour of reading my stories, I thank you and hope you enjoy them and it would be nice to hear from you. Best wishes for 2013 and I hope it is your best year ever….Pete

Dallas Cowboys Winners…Today

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 30-12-2012


The Dallas Cowboys are winners. I think they will win today over a great Washington Redskins team. Reminds me of the seventies and eighties when the rivalry was so intense. I am not a “johnnie come lately” fan of the Cowboys. Yep, Eddie LaBaron was the quarterback when I became a fan, year one, and I have remained a “die hard” fan until this day. I feel strongly that if the Cowboys have any kind of a running game today, we win the game. That said, win or lose, the Dallas Cowboys are winners, and heaven forbid, but if we should lose, then I will start looking forward to next year….But wait, we gonna win, we gonna win, WE GONNA WIN…Go Pokes

Mayan Calender and stuff

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 29-12-2012


Gee, you know the Dec. 21, 2012 date came and went, nothing happened and it makes you kinda feed disappointed, huh? Several of us been waiting to see the poles reverse or the Almighty’s hand  slap the earth very hard issuing a wake up call to all it’s citizens and none of that seemed to have happened, on that day at least. However, this writer thinks that the Almighty’s hand warns  everyday of things to come. If you read the article by Alan Bonner, then you know of the warnings issued from the bible relating to today’s events world wide, the end is close. Many of us believe that the end times are very close indeed, which could mean tomorrow or many, many, years from now, but it will happen. The exact date will forever remain unknown. Sir Issac Newton said that it would be 2060 or later and he insist that it will not end before 2060. Sir Issac used the bible to make his predictions and I thought it was interesting how he put the dates, ie, “no sooner than but anytime after 2060”. That is unique, huh? A friend of ours says it will not happen until our Jewish friends start rebuilding the temple in  Jerusalem, over the exact spot it was originally. Oh, well, that’s where the Muslim temple is located and it ain’t gonna happen without a big fight. So some of you can enlighten me on that one also. It’s kinda funny, being an old man, seems like I would know a lot of these things…but the older I get the less I know. I have waited on the Lord to tell me these things a long time now, so I suppose the best thing for me to do is listen…ok, I’m listening Lord……Pete