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Follow the Sun by E. V. Pete Hester Follow the Sun By E. V. Pete Hester Copyright Pending 2015     Foreword Butch Madison told this story to me several years ago and swore that everything he told was true and...

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Football picks, Aug 31 2013 weekend***Update

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 27-08-2013


It is time to get started on the 2013 season….Picks by hesterbooks.com…I read the same stuff as other sports writers and most times I am reading some sportswriters stuff….I just don’t always agree with them…So right or wrong these are my picks….Here goes…

Alabama vs Virginia Tech…odds makers are saying Bama by 17 to 19 points. I think it will be more like 27 to 29 points, unless Bama easies up some on them….Bama by 27. update….Bama wins by 25 points.

Arizona vs Northern Arizona. Another warm up game, however, the Lumberjacks can play pretty tough at times so Arizona by 20. update…Az wins by 35….

New Mexico Lobos vs UTSA. Odds makers are saying the Lobos by 3 and I am in total agreement. Coach Oliver of UTSA was a winner at Miami and he is going to take this program to a very high level, just not this year. I agree with Lobos by 3. update…UTSA wins by 8 points…They have a strong passing games. My bad….

New Mexico State Aggies vs Texas. Odd makers are saying TX by 42 points and if a couple of key Aggies get injured they are probably right. If the Aggies first team can battle the entire games then Texas by 21 points. Update…Texas wins by a bunch but halftime score was only 14 – 7, that’s kind’a a victory ain’t it…Ok, maybe not…Still the pick is correct…

Wisconsin vs UMASS. The Badgers will coast on this one. I have very little knowledge of UMASS except to say I think they only won one game last season. Odd makers are saying 44 point and that seems fair to me. Wisconsin has a new coach though and it is a new season and new conference for the Minutemen, so I will go with the Badgers by 30 points. Update..Badgers win by 45 points. I over estimated the strength of the Minutemen, but 45 is ok. The pick is correct…

Stony Brook vs Penn…..A scrimmage only so I will not pick on this one. However, I would still favor Stony Brook even in a scrimmage. Go Seawolves…..Update…They say the strong pass rush of the Seawolves was their strength, helping them win the scrimmage…

ok, 5 wins…1 loss,  so far….Pete

Rev. Al…Where Are You????

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 27-08-2013


I am not going to say very much here as anything anyone says could be perceived as hate writing. But it does seem strange that the anger from the killing of Chris Lane seems to be missing from some quarters. Any death by gunfire is so sad, so unnecessary, so bad that I cannot write enough descriptions to cover the sorrow suffer by the family, friends and by the general population. Why young shooter, why? I am in no way blaming the black population and I hope no one else is. But we cannot help but remember the riots and gatherings of a few weeks ago regarding the killing of a black youth…… Blacks, browns, yellows, whites….we are all in this together….This horror needs to stop. It must stop….NOW!!!……..Rev. Al, your thoughts?

“Well, I Never…..!!!!!

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 25-08-2013


One of my Mom’s expressions was “Well, I never” and most of us had heard it enough to realize that the end of that expression was, “heard of such” and therefore she did not have to finish that statement. It was an expression like, “dad-barn it”, dad-gum-it”, “shoot fire”, “what’s the world coming to” and you can add hundreds more. I was wondering  what Mom would say if she were alive today concerning  same sex marriages, about legalized abortions, legalized drugs, nudity on TV and the internet and numerous other happenings. I am pretty sure she would say about either of those subjects, “Well, I never…..” Every morning I read the paper and I am of a different generation than Mom, but as I read even I think, “Well, I never…” I guess it’s just me, that I am an old codger  and not a forward thinking individual and that I am really living in the past, believing in an old fashion book call the Bible. A book that seemingly  has gone out of style and many think it certainly has no place in a modern society such as ours. A younger generation runs our major television networks and movie studios, where most of American’s get their educations, and the stories they want to tell seems to be about explosives, fires, modernistic weapons of destruction, folks killing folks, the more outlandish the death and destruction the better, vampires, far out fantasies and on and on……You know what, I watch mostly sports, because to the rest of that stuff it’s, “Well, I never….”  Thank you, Mom, you were right…. Pete Hester

No shirt, No shoes, No service….can that still apply?

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 23-08-2013


I see where the State of New Mexico ruled against the photographer who refused to take pictures of a gay wedding, since same sex marriage was against their religious beliefs. State of New Mexico says in effect, your religious beliefs are wrong…. You got to take those gay  folks pictures…Just cause you hang out your sign of no shirt, no shoes, no service does not mean a thing, that a shoeless fellow cannot go in. No sir-ree bob, it don’t…. It’s a heck of a world, ain’t it? You know what I plan to do, huh? Well, I guess you don’t know, but I’m about to tell you. I am going to open a nudist clothing store……No customer will be allow to shop if they are wearing clothes. I mean, how could I fit them if they were wearing clothes. I am going to give the clothes away but charge the folks for fitting them. Well, that is neither here nor there, as there would be no, I repeat, no, controversy in a nudist clothing store. Now if I said, “This store does not serve a transgender.” Holy mackerel, the law would say, “Boy, I gotta shut you down.”  Maybe owning any business is a terrible risk anymore. Very seldom can the owner run the store….Amen?….Pete

America’s Game….America’s People

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 22-08-2013



You have seen this….You have lived this…It is worth watching again….Just a few days after 9/11 at the World Series….Take the time to watch it, you’ll be glad you did…Thanks, Pete Hester….  PS  video sent to me by a friend in Dallas, thanks friend…

Smart Little Leaguer…Would like to meet Bill Gates

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 20-08-2013


The World Series of Little League Baseball is going on this week. And as you know while they are showing the players names they show their favorite players, people they would like to meet, i.e., Kate Upton, Derrick Jeter, Mike Trout and Bill Gates. Now, Bill Gates is a very interesting pick. a very wise pick and I wonder that since it was on national TV that maybe Mr. Gates watched it or  maybe some of Mr. Gates friends told him about the young man. I hope so. It tells you a lot about the little guy, huh? That kid is smart.  I hope Mr. Gates arranges to meet him or at least contact him. And he might. Oh, and by the way, Mr. Gates, if you are ever in Albuquerque again give me a call as I would like to meet you also.  I will treat you to some wonderful Mexican food. You can choose red or green at this place and your taste buds will never be the same. It’s a local place and you may have eaten there during your time in Albuquerque. If so, it’s still very good. If not, then you are in for some excellent food. My treat….Pete Hester

College Football Schedules 2013

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 19-08-2013


The teams I have picked to follow all have tough football schedules….There is Alabama: All tough SEC opponents, except Va Tech, Colo St (also a New Mexico opponent) and Chattanooga, so it is a tough schedule……Arizona, all tough PAC 12, except N. AZ, UNLV (plays Lobos) and UTSA (plays Lobos)….Not as tough as Alabama’s I don’t think, but tough….New Mexico, all Mountain West including Fresno State and Boise State, but Pittsburg also. A good schedule….Wisconsin battles their normal Big Ten opponents, all of them tough. They also play UMass, Tenn Tech, and AZ State, also a tough team…..New Mexico State Aggies….Now these guys are gluttons for punishment, a small bottom feeder school as far as recruiting talent is concerned, but does that bother them in scheduling? No, not in the least…Aug 31, Texas, Sept 7, Minnesota, Sept 21, UCLA, Sept 28, San Diego St, Nov 9, Boston College…..in between they have UTEP, New Mexico Lobos, Rice, Abilene Christian, Louisiana Lafayette, FAU and Idaho. Considering this school’s size, recruiting limitations, and fan base, in my humble opinion, they have the toughest schedule of all. Will they win those real tough games? Probably not, but they did beat Minnesota at their house last year, and they don’t give up….  You have to give them an A plus for sheer guts. They don’t back down from anyone. They will battle until they run out of guys, count on it…..Good luck, Aggies and I will be pulling for you except against the Lobos. (Did I tell you guys I attended New Mexico State-Carlsbad? Probably not) Well, I’m ready for this season to get started…..Go Lobo’s….Roll Tide…..Go NM Aggies….Go Cowboys…..er,  five turnovers in the first half at Arizona Cardinals and Romo was not involved in any of them. Coach Garret will take care of those fumbles, won’t you Jason?…That is a first for Romo (I think) and also the defense looked good…I think we will be alright….Denver Broncos, good offense. They will need a defense to be competitive in the NFL.. Of course, Mr. Elway knows that. He will take care of that, right John?…..Pete Hester

Flash Floods….ever wonder what they are like?

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 16-08-2013


Here’s a video of a desert southwest flash flood.   http://www.youtube.com/embed/_yCnQuILmsM?feature=player_embedded
it takes a few minutes, however it is well worth your time….Thanks to a Dallas friend for sending this….Pete Hester   click on the http:// line to view video…

Pictures, rocks large and small..new painting

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 10-08-2013


Well, it has been a long time since I bragged, no, I mean showed off, uh, ok maybe it is bragging, but if I don’t show them to you you’ll probably never know about them. I guess one of the reasons I like to show them off is because of a 6 cycle per second tremor that I have, sometimes worse, so in between shakes I try to make a mark, so I am delighted when I can actually make out what I am trying to paint. I think it would drive you up a wall watching me paint….Anyway, that’s neither here nor there, it is what it is. Below is one of the largest rocks I have done and some of the smallest rocks I have done, plus one of my newer paintings…my first robin and my first Holstein cow. I never had lessons…One art instructor told me to just learn on my own which I have done…I learn something new every day…I hope I have a lot of days left as I sure need the practice….Pete ps….I must give credit for the printing on the large rock…No. 2 son was kind enough to do that for me…Also, this rock is intended to be a birthday gift for one of sweetie’s friends…ssshhh…..oh, yeah, it has additional Primrose flowers on the back and sides. The Primrose flowers come in multiple colors,… Yellow on the front, reds, blues and whites are on the back….. click on the pictures to enlarge….

small rock pics and house flowers paint 003

small rock pics and house flowers paint 009click on the pictures to enlarge…

2013 Football season…..

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 10-08-2013


My intentions for this year’s football season  is to direct my attention to the following teams….now you can ask me to include your team if you would like and we can add them to the discussion, either e-mail me at phhester6@aol.com or make comments on the web site……I will follow and predict win/losses for the following teams: Alabama, Arizona, New Mexico, New Mexico State, Wisconsin, Stony Brook and other teams of national interest at the time of postings. So let me know about your team, ok? For the pros, Dallas and Denver, I’ll pull for both except when they play each other, then it is Dallas…and my pulling for Dallas has nothing to do with Jerry Jones…..It has everything to do with Tom Landry, Eddie LaBaron, Don Meredith, Randy White, Leroy Jordan, Mike Ditka, Bob Hays, Robert Newhouse, etc, etc……you get the picture, I’m sure as I left out a bunch of terrific ball players who should have been included…..but that’s what being a Cowboy fan means to me….New Mexico Lobo’s are picked to finish last in the Mountain Div. of the Mountain West. The Lobo’s are going to be better than that, probably not winning the conference, but they will finish 3rd or 4th. You say, “that’s a bold prediction” and I say, if the main players can stay healthy they will be there. As is the case most of the time, not having sufficient quality players will hurt us in the long run. But on paper, even that sounds better this year…..Go Lobos…..Pete Hester…..ps, I did not bring up Bama winning the conference and national championship, er, well, er,  Bama is Bama and that is enough said, there is Bama and there is everybody else……Pete Hester