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Apaches, Buffalo Soldiers, That Female Reporter, And... Chapter One       Returning to the Black Range and the land of the Warm Spring Apache Indians, I could not believe what I was seeing. The last time I was here the magical portal...

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Concern of our Houston Friends

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 24-06-2013


  We have friends down in Houston that have a cabin up in the Jemez Mountains east of Cuba, NM. Here is an e-mail from them about a couple of concerns they have. I thought I would share it with you, our readers, since I too wondered about hunting for Mr. Fenn’s treasure during the fire season. It would be very scary getting trapped up in that area by fire or thick smoke. Thanks for the e-mail guys…Pete:

  We were just wondering if the closing of the Santa Fe National Forest
is going to stop the Forest Fenn Treasure Hunt ?  Seems like people really should’t
be searching right now.  Haven’t heard too much about it lately on the news or
     Also, read on the Deer-Lake news that the bears are coming down
into Deer Lake by our cabins to search for food.  The drought is
the cause, we think.  Scary when a bear could be there.    
    Have a nice day and week.  We will pray for rain for you in
New Mexico.
And the e-mail was signed by our friends. We thank  you for your concerns. Pete

UFO Believers and/or Aliens….visit this site…

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 19-06-2013


Okay, I have not seen a UFO..I have read many stories from those who say they have. Have you seen a UFO, or several UFO’s? Well, why don’t you leave me a comment telling your story. You do not have to leave a real name if you do not wish to…make up a name, Star Gazer, Dark Walker, Deep Spacer, well, you can probably do better, but leave us a comment so we can wonder if you were drinking or not…No, I promise to not make light of your comments, however, I will probably be honest in my reply. …England has had many sightings. Are you from the UK and have seen something or have a friend who did?…..Let us know…

Four Wheeling in the San Juan Natl Forest

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 19-06-2013


2013 fishing trip 022Number two grandson took his four wheeler everywhere……

Not Obama….I have not written about him…..

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 18-06-2013


Golllleee….I cannot believe the numbers I am seeing on my c panel of the June activities already on this web site, about half way through June… Visitors are the highest ever for a one month total….17,412…hits, 155,439…that is way over what I have had for the year, around 144,000 hits Jan – May…And my postings have not been, well, too controversial, I don’t think anyway and it has been a long time since I mentioned our President. Well, ok, I did mention the phone tapping, but not the IRS picking on the Tea Party, nor the leaks and cover-ups….I have not discussed government agents reading all my e-mails and postings, nope, none of that stuff…. But folks are really coming by…… And I am really pleased. I can only say thank you and I hope you will continue to visit this site. Who knows, I might bring up President Obama…..I might even say something nice…..Naw, probably not..Pete

Scott Pelly and CBS News

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 17-06-2013


Scott Pelly pointed out on his news show today (6/17/13) that the government had spent 3 1/2 billion dollars fighting wild fires in the west. They showed the homes that had been destroyed by fire and interviewed a few people who would be building again on the same lots that the fires had destroyed their homes. They were trying to make a point on how insane that was to rebuild in that same area. I wondered, how many times have I seen flood waters on the same rivers again and again back east and nothing was said about them rebuilding. I guess that’s ok. Folks get hit with tornado after tornado and rebuild in the same area. Hurricane after hurricane hits Louisiana, Florida and Texas, both the east and west coast and those folks rebuild in the same locations. I guess that’s ok. New Orleans is 21 feet below the level of the Mississippi River and folks rebuild in that area. That’s ok. And Mr. Pelly wonders about the sanity of the westerners rebuilding in the trees of the western mountains. Come on CBS, say something to your announcers about equality. Give us westerners the same break as you give other folks around the nation. We love our mountain locations  same as the river valley folks, same as the tornado alley folks, same as the coastal location folks. It kind of rankles me, Mr. Pelly……Pete Hester….ps  I tried to send this to the local CBS television station but they refused to accept my e-mail. That’s ok….input from peons probably should not be accepted since it is like a box of chocolates, never knowing what will show up in your inbox and if you don’t look, you won’t have to deal with it. It’s no big deal, except to those folks in Colorado Springs……oh, and me…it hurt my feelings….

BBC on the July 1947 UFO Crash, Roswell, NM

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 17-06-2013



These guys tell the story that I heard in Roswell over and over while visiting the UFO Museum and talking with Walter Haut and the other people there. Very interesting…..Pete

Cool Pines and Aspen and us

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 12-06-2013


Ok, I know you are growing tired of my pictures, but folks we had so much fun I need to share this with you. I promise I will quit bragging soon….well, before to much longer, after all I did forget a disk for my camera and we had to drive about 35 miles into Durango to get a disk so you could see this beautiful area, so you must have a quick look at them. I hope you like them. Our crew:

2013 fishing trip 024

Number one grandson-in-law was the hardest fishing fisherman we had. He was getting skunked, so he got out early and stayed late, fishing hard all that time and it finally paid off. Here is his prize….nice fish, huh?

2013 fishing trip 015My number one son loved to be out on his Razor, well, this one was a friends as his was to large to fit in the back of his pickup. But, anyway, he had me on the darn thing, flying down a rocky trail suitable for two mile per hour travel…(maybe a slight exaggeration) but he came to a quick stop and I wondered what was in front of us….I soon found out as I staggered from the rough ride. In front of us was a drop off of several thousand feet, ok, fifty or 100 for sure. Had we gone over, I think they would have just left us. Looking back, it was fun, while I was riding, pure fright…. Thanks number one…it was quite a ride…

2013 fishing trip 029Pines, mainly, in the San Juan National Forest near Lake Vallecito.

2013 fishing trip 042

That’s all the pictures for this week folks…Now, next week, its according to how this old feeble brain operates, I mean, if I can think of something to write about, I’ll write…..If not, er, maybe some more pictures….I have several good ones left…Come back to see us, ok? Thanks, Pete

Fishing Trip

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 11-06-2013


Here is a picture of the two boats used on our outing. Both are two man but they worked great. The red raft type boat had a six horse outboard and would really get you across the lake in a hurry and  it also had the trolling motor. The crew worked them over pretty good, but the bank fishing was ok also.2013 fishing trip 003Our top fishermen were no. 1 son in law and no. 3 grandson, shown here with the first stringer full of fish they caught. There was a nice bass in this bunch of fish and was the only bass caught on the trip. (Pickups in the background haul the 4 wheelers used on the trip.)

2013 fishing trip 005

San Juan Mountains Colorado (our fishing trip)

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 09-06-2013


Nestled in the San Juan Mountains is the beautiful Vallecito Lake. Several creeks and rivers  feeds water into this lake which feeds its water to several entities there in Colorado, but mainly for the Ute Indian Reservation just south of the lake. The water coming into the lake is right off the snow melt of the high mountain terrain surrounding the lake. The boys gave me a ride on the 4 wheelers back into some pretty rough county. It was beautiful country, horseback riding country, rough and rugged and it only takes a few minutes of seeing this vast wilderness to note that it contains a lot of snow melt. The lake was down this year according to Bob Croll, owner of the Croll Cabins, but most of the time the lake is lapping at his cabin property. Several photos will be forthcoming but here is a couple of mountain shots I would like to share with you.

2013 fishing trip 0412013 fishing trip 035I don’t know the area, but somewhere back in here is Sunlight Peak, 14,089 feet and Windom Peak, 14,082 feet. Even in early June, evening and mornings are pretty nippy. The trees in this photo have been attacked by a bark beetle killing many trees in the area. Pete


Croll’s Cabin at Vallecito Lake near Durango, Co

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 07-06-2013


2013 fishing trip 012Need a place to just get away or do some fishing or horseback riding. Bob Croll’s cabins are nice, stocked with all you need except food…It is nice and quiet, wonderful views and the fish are a good size. Last year at Platoro, the fishing seemed to be a little better but the fish were smaller. The good thing about the Croll cabins, they are right on the water. At Platoro, you have to drive a ways to fish if other than river fishing. AT Vallecito, you have to drive a ways to 4 wheel. That helps make it quieter  and less dusty at Vallecito but a little unhandy for some of the boys. It all worked out and we had a wonderful time. Click on the picture to enlarge it. Give the Croll’s a call if you are looking to get away. E. V. Pete Hester