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Rain Dance

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 26-07-2010


Many years ago the western tribes taught us gringo’s to rain dance. So, every year we get after it and most of the time we do this dance during the mon-soon season. Sometimes it is effective…sometimes not so much…The good part about a rain dance is you get tired and rest or quit….and it stops raining….well, if some of you are still dancing you can go ahead and rest, ok?…it is flooding in places and it is dreary around here being shut in for two days now and my grass needs mowing and the mushrooms are sprouting…and I can’t water my garden, oh, wait, that’s a good thing…well, you see what I am getting at…It is time to stop the dance for now…maybe more a little later…if this keeps up we will have a host of mosquitoes flying around, and bugs galore….stop the dancing people….its always something!

Apaches, Buffalo Soldiers, That Female Reporter, And Me

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 24-07-2010


I deleted the downloads for my novel that is going to press shortly. Since it is under contract it is only fair that I take them off. I hope you enjoyed them while they were on here. The book should be in print before long. I am sure I’ll be, eh, um, bragging as soon as it is available. Anyway, just wanted you guys to know what happened  to those downloads. As soon as I get my pdf fixed I may put a chapter or two of the one I am writing on now. I’m thinking on it some…..Pete

Death Trail/illegal immigrants

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 24-07-2010


On the one hand, a fellow hates to see whats happening in Arizona continue. On the other hand, the conditions in Mexico must be terrible to continue to push these people toward America. According to the paper this morning in the last fiscal year 422 illegals have died trying to escape Mexico and enter the USA. Most die from dehydration on the long desert trek from Mexico to civilization. What drives them?  Is it the good conditions in America where the economy is turning terrible? Or terrible conditions of Mexico  where anything would be better?  The Mexican government should be ashamed that conditions are so bad the citizens would risk death to get away from them…..The solution to America’s problem with illegal aliens is not with the Mexican citizens it is the MEXICAN GOVERNMENT. Obama and Navarrette should not be jumping all over Arizona, who is having the Mexican problem pushed on them, but they should travel down to Mexico City and try to straighten them out….When will we ever call a spade a spade….Let’s do some profiling down in Mexico City, cause I smell a skunk…..

Ruben Navarrette, Jr. and stuff like Mexico

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 23-07-2010


I sent this young writer two e-mails today and he rejected them both. I sent it to the e-mail address listed in the Albuquerque Journal. They came back unopened. That’s ok and I am not surprised. Like so many people he will not listen to the other side.  He keeps talking about Arizona’s stand on immigration and I was trying to tell him Arizona is not anti-immigration…Arizona is anti-illegal immigrants. There is a big difference and he knows that. And he brought Governor Bill Richardson in as a powerful source of inside information. since Bill made sure all the New Mexico illegals had drivers license for i. d. All the liberals are trying to cloud the issue and the democrats want the 12 million votes they will get if they are awarded amnesty…Crap is added to the issue like racial profiling when you are trying to catch a law breaker…He knows for sure California is broke, as he is based in San Diego. Arizona and New Mexico are going broke and we are depending on the US government to come through with more money for the border and the states controlling the border. And if you read the world business news, the United States is quickly running out of places to borrow more money. These magic calculators that each of our congressman seem to have is going to run out of digits one of these days. The world is going to say, ok, pay up America and brother, that you and me…I don’t know about you, but I don’t have a hell’va lot to spare. If we only spend a 100 buck on each of the 12 million  illegals a year, and if my cheap calculator works correctly, that’s 1.2 billion a year…Is that right? A while back I promised to be a “stuff” writer and not worry about all the crap going on in the world, but it is hard to do, ain’t it? The outside world just keeps invading my little world and try as I may I can’t keep it out. I can pull weeds, cut grass, work the garden, gathers veggies, but the world problems keep coming through. And some people think we should worry about the Mexican President being pissed at us…Pardon my language, but that’s bull-sh–, pure and simple…Sir, do your part on the border yourself, stop the drug war in your country, invest a few dollars into each of your citizens, give them jobs fighting your internal wars, form a standing army to protect your citizens…..But no, its easier to criticize us…well, I’ll stop there…dang, I sure hate to get started, know what I mean?….

illegals/criminals/not Americans

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 22-07-2010


I always thought that sneaking into America was against our laws. And when one becomes a law breaker, or criminal, I always thought our law enforcement officials could use whatever means necessary to apprehend the perpetrator. Our governor says no, Arizona is wrong to check licenses of anyone suspected of being an illegal. According to Ruben Navarrette, Jr in the Albuquerque Journal today, he quoted New Mexico Gov. Richardson, “Republicans don’t understand that this is a bad issue for them-to appear anti immigrant every two years…….” Governor, we are not anti immigrant and you know it…We are anti illegal aliens, period…..the governor further stated that tea party and conservatives “just don’t get it.” Again
Governor, you don’t get it. America is broke, as in we are out of money, we don’t need more welfare cases from law breakers….White ain’t white and black ain’t black says the governor, can’t you guys see the gray? You are leaving our state in rough shape Governor and while you have done some things right, knowing how to handle money does not appear to have been one of them, and approving drivers license’s for illegals was a very bad move on your part…..Immigrants are always welcome in America…Illegals aliens will never be welcome….

Dallas Cowboys

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 21-07-2010


Football is getting closer…Last two days we have had articles in our paper on the Cowboys. I love football, love Alabama football, New Mexico Lobo foofball, Mountain West football, but I really love Dallas Cowboy football…The world stops when they play…I am not as bad now as I used to be…At least I will now talk to my wife some during the game and she will even watch a close one with me, sometimes!!!!…I heard some guys talking the other day about how long they had been a fan and I mentioned that Eddie LaBaron was the quarterback when I started following them. They said, “Who”….Eddie LaBaron, all 5’6” of him. Remember that he had to loft the ball to get it over the on rushing linemen, 1960 – 62…But he was a gritty guy….Before retiring I worked some events that lineman Randy White also worked, several years running. I have two pictures, autographed of course, of him. It has been two or three years ago, but even then he looked like he could walk on the field and play just anytime they needed him….Who is your favorite…I have so many it is hard to pick just one, Stauback, White, Meredeth,Aikman, Newhouse, Dorsett, Johnson, Perkins, Harris, Waters, Lilly, Jordan, Novack, Smith, Irvin, Garrison, Reeves, Hays, Hill….oh, gosh, the list goes on and on, not to mention Coach Landry…I wish you guys would take a little time and name your favorite cowboy, if you have one….Please notice that I did not include the current crop of “Boys”….Some of them will make it to great status one day also…I can name three on offense and a couple of defense right now that will be among  the greats, if not already….Let me know who you liked…..Pete Hester


Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 20-07-2010


How about it people? How are those e-machines? I looked at a couple down at the closest Wal-Mart. They look pretty good. The numbers, memory and hard drive all sound pretty good. All I do is write this blog, do some research from time to time, write some on my books, and a few other odds and ends. Seems to me like an e-machine would work for me. Any of you folks care to comment and let me know about them. Especially if you know of some negatives as to why they are not a good choice…Thanks, Pete

Muddy a slough….

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 19-07-2010


Slough is a term you don’t hear much about in New Mexico….They don’t have them to my knowledge….Back in the southeast you have a bunch..That is a small area of water cut off from the main stream except for during flood stage. They are always full of fish…And you fellows in Alabama and Mississippi know all about them. In one of the Chapters of  one of my books I talked about us cousins mudding a slough. This is a true story from this fiction writer and worth repeating I think. There were several sloughs close to Coal Fire, AL on Coal Fire Creek and one looked ready to be muddied. We made our paddles for raking the mud and paddles for slapping out the sick fish. I think we may have had several Uncles with us. Anyway, we got the slough all muddied up and the  fish started coming to the top.   The Uncles were chasing the fish around and slapping the fish from the water and us cousins were running around gathering them up. One of us cousins, I won’t call any names, always wanted to be first. They slapped out this dang jack. and you know the old jack has around 35,000 sharp teeth (now that may be fiction) and Cousin picked him up but somehow he got his thumb in that jack’s mouth….Big mistake….That boy almost lost a thumb…..I guess to jack’s,  fingers and thumbs look a lot like worms…..Seems to me like it took a long time for that thumb to heal….And it took a long time for the rest of us cousins to pick up a dang old jack, I can tell you that…

Emergency Rooms

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 18-07-2010


A friend of mine had an accident Friday evening  during rush hour. His accident happened at home. His wife called for an ambulance and within less than five minutes help was there. She called us when the ambulance left the house explaining what happened and that she would be following the ambulance to the hospital. We left shortly after receiving the call to be there for them as moral support. What is amazing is that when we got there he was already receiving care. I had forgotten how busy an emergency room can be….Friday night was not exception…It is easy to see why the medical profession has such a heavy demand for nurses and doctors….I personaly have a daughter, two granddaughters, a daughter in law and a niece all in the profession or headed to that profession…And you know what….Thank God for those that choose the medical profession…What a wonderful service  all these people  provide….Thank you Doctors and Nurses and CNA’s of America…We need you….

Hot Stuff

Posted by Pete | Posted in News | Posted on 17-07-2010


I have some more stuff writing for you…This is hot stuff…Did you ever go the the store to buy plants and find out later they were mis- labeled? Well, I invested some hard earn money into a beautiful Big Boy tomato plant. It was a good size and tomato production seemed immediate. When it produced,  the dad-blamed thing was cherry tomatoes. So, I don’t have any Big Boys this year thanks to some worker….Then I bought a bell pepper and it turns out to be a Jalapeno bell…a little spicy, but that was totally my fault. Then, we have had some of our green chiles marked “mild” that were really hot….That does not happen all that often, but when it does, it will perk you up a bit…sometimes more that a bit. …Taste is relative, huh….Have a friend from Illinois originally and not really into hot and spicy..He was watching me eat some salsa at a restaurant one day and he says, “is that hot” and I say, honestly, “not at all”. He takes a bite then grabs the water glass and gives me a very stern look, later saying “that is extremely hot”….It’s always something….